Relocating? Finding a Healthy, Welcoming Home

Relocating? Finding a Healthy, Welcoming HomeA guest post written by Melissa Clendenen from Newport Beach, California

Relocating for a career move, a bigger or smaller home, or any other reason, is part of most people’s life experience. But it may be surprising to learn how often we move: Americans make an average of 11.7 moves in a lifetime, and from age 18 on, people will move an additional 9.1 times, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.Continue Reading

Can the Goliath Disease (Alzheimer’s) be Defeated?

Can the Goliath Disease (Alzheimer's) be Defeated?by Don Ingwerson

Despite the billions spent on medical research, some health conditions and diseases still appear insurmountable.

Take Alzheimer’s disease. When I first heard about this terrible, seemingly untreatable condition, I saw how David must have felt when he first saw the towering figure of Goliath.Continue Reading

Lives Lived: Healed of Food Allergies

Lives Lived: Healed of Food Allergiesby Don Ingwerson

Here’s another great example of the power of Christian Science to heal. Meet Cynthia. She suffered from severe food allergies, which kept getting worse. She then started reading Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy and found that she could now eat normally. From that point on, she never suffered from food allergies again.Continue Reading

Healing Addiction by Filling the Spiritual Vacuum

Healing Addiction by Filling the Spiritual VacuumA guest post written by Robert Moran from Goleta, California

For the past several years I have had the opportunity to work with troubled college students as a part-time counselor. Being an active Christian Scientist for nearly forty years, I have come to understand how spiritual principles supersede all other healing methods – including in the field of addiction.Continue Reading

How to Take Lessons Learned in Tennis into Life’s Game

How to Take Lessons Learned in Tennis into Life's Gameby Don Ingwerson

Ask anyone what they think is the most important thing in life, and they’ll usually give the same answer – health. So I was not surprised when I met Roy at a community meeting where we discussed spirituality and healthy life styles. What he said showed that the development of qualities of the inner self were not only more important than his daily work, but also that these inner qualities were quite significant in determining the quality of everyday life experiences.Continue Reading

Participating in the Health Conversation

Participating in the Health Conversati

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by Don Ingwerson

Health – it’s on everyone’s mind in one way or another. It directly affects quality of life and the ability to find happiness and purpose. But have you ever wondered why I – as a Christian Scientist – am spending so much time on the topic?
Continue Reading