Travel Tips for the Road of Life

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A guest post written by Will Heining "Glory be to God, and peace to the struggling hearts!" Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health Chicago in July. The sticky heat of Midway Airport was accentuated by the lack of air conditioning. Remodeling was on-going and we were paying the price in the long line at the Customer Service Center. Most of us had been scheduled on a flight to St. Louis that had been cancelled due to a mechanical problem. To Continue Reading

Innocent Eyes


A guest post written by Will Heining I was recently asked if I would rent to a small dog with a $500 pet deposit. I replied, “Yes, if only to meet a small dog who has $500!” Then I started to think about dogs and sums of cash – where would he carry it – and why? Would a dog have any use for a nest egg? It seemed absurd and it occurred to me that I have never known a dog who was the least bit concerned about where he would sleep or where his Continue Reading


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A guest post written by Will Heining I am starting to disappear. I say that, not out of a sense of increasing powerlessness or irrelevance in the current political climate, but because I have begun a process that, carried to its fullest extent, I calculate will cause me to completely disappear. I have begun spinning. Continue Reading

Clear Teaching

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A guest post written by Will Heining Learning a new skill or a basic Truth isn’t something that happens every day. But, in his ministry to the people of what we now refer to as the Holy Land, Christ Jesus often used the everyday to help teach a new skill or a fundamental Truth. I was able to take advantage of such a teachable moment. When we lived in the western suburbs of St. Louis, Charles, who was 6, and I were at the library together Continue Reading

Cover All the Bases?

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A guest post written by Will Heining When I taught 14-year-olds in Sunday School, my students would sometimes ask me if it mattered if they prayed and used medical means to sort of “cover all the bases.” That’s when I would tell them about the boy who prayed to the elevator gods: As a result of someone in our town traveling on safari into a remote jungle village, a small boy – we’ll call him Sam – came from his parents thatched mud hut to Continue Reading

Is God Mad at Me?


A guest post written by Will Heining A recent visitor to our downtown Los Angeles Reading Room seemed upset and stressed as he strode up to my desk and began what some might call a rant. He loudly reeled off a number of examples of what he saw as God’s anger with wrongdoers, chief among them the burning of Gomorrah and turning “the lady into salt.” “Wasn’t God angry to do that to people?” I could see that this was something that he had Continue Reading