Advice From Teddy Roosevelt

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by Don Ingwerson My Thursday blogs have most often been on some aspect of legislative or media work - and lately most of these blogs have been around the subject of the Affordable Care Act. But today I want to share with you an interesting Christian Science Monitor article about working together - since the government is still working to end the shut down and needs our prayers. The article is titled, "Advice from Teddy Roosevelt as Congress Continue Reading

A Higher View of Politics

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A guest post written by Nicki Garretson I'm a military brat. I have lived and breathed an air of politics essentially my whole life, especially while living in the Washington, DC area. I even majored in political science. Politics is quite heated in DC, and often what goes on behind the scenes and in the public is ugly. I worked in the State Department for 15 years and had a career in real estate. I found both required me to respect the Continue Reading

Meeting a Congressman

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by Don Ingwerson On Friday, March 16th, our La Canada Assistant Committee, Rahla Lindsey, was able to make an appointment for the two of us to meet with Congressman Adam Schiff in his Pasadena office. We asked him to consider being a co-sponsor of a proposed bill by Congresswoman Judy Biggert and Congressman Dan Boren. Basically, this bill would amend a section of the Internal Revenue Code to provide an additional religious exemption from the Continue Reading

The Beloved Community

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  A guest post written by Jeannine Brix The first time I heard the phrase “beloved community,” it struck a chord in my heart and spoke to me of goodwill and good neighbors. “The beloved community” is a term that was first coined by philosopher-theologian, Josiah Royce, founder of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. But it was Dr. King who popularized the term and invested it with a deeper meaning – meaning which has captured the Continue Reading

Man’s Unlimited Ability Continues

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by Don Ingwerson (originally posted October 2010) A reminder that with ingenuity and courage extraordinary things can happen when people unite together. Man’s unlimited ability continues to be expressed.  Most recently this unlimited capacity was depicted hourly by the men and women of Chile.  I watched with awe the rescue efforts brought right into my living room—as if I were there in person—and I could not only see a real life drama Continue Reading

Take a Stand

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A guest post written by Susan Spears I never got to see The Beatles in concert while I was growing up – they broke up the year I was born. But like a lot of people, when I was a teenager, I was able to appreciate their music. I am more a fan of their earlier music, while my husband really enjoys their later music. But regardless, while they were performing for their fans, they had a profound effect on society as a whole. I thought about Continue Reading

The Better Angels of Our Nature


A guest post written by Robert B. Clark, Committee on Publication for Florida If the United States of America is still, as Abraham Lincoln proclaimed to a divided nation in 1862, “the last best hope of earth,” then the spiritual health of our nation, looked over by “the better angels of our nature,” would seem pretty important to the world. That’s why I was interested to read The Christian Science Monitor’s May 2 opinion piece titled, Continue Reading

Who Cares? We Do!

Beverly Hills from a distance

by Don Ingwerson The Beverly Hills Christian Science Church recently hosted a meeting on caring for the church family. Topics discussed were media coverage, legislative activity, the visiting nurse program, nursing at Broadview, the Broadview Care facility, and a review of the new Health Care Law. The audience represented a broad base of Christian Scientists from professions including artists, actors, talent agent, and business. One important Continue Reading

The Monitor: A Trusted News Source

"The Lord gave the word. Great was the company of those that published it." - Psalm 68:11

A guest post written by Susan Y. Berry The Christian Science Monitor, winner of 7 Pulitzer Prizes, is the news source of choice of my family for three generations. I grew up with the newspaper version, which has now become a wonderful weekly magazine of news and in-depth articles. The Monitor sheds the light of truth on national and world events. Today, I also read The Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing.   The Monitor is Continue Reading

Love to the Rescue

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A guest post written by Sheila Kelly In celebration of President's Day, I am reminded of an idea that President Lincoln shared to our war-torn country just before the end of the Civil War, "With malice toward none; with charity for all..." Forty-three years later, echoing the sentiment for all in the abolishment of slavery in our land, and providing for another freedom with a clean and decent source of news free from sensationalism and Continue Reading