Qualities That Bless


A guest post by Sheila Kelly A friend with a gentle sense of humor recently sent me an email that said: Two of the greatest qualities in life are patience and wisdom. Below was a picture of a big brown and white dog on the deck of a large log chalet – looking mighty patient and wise – observing a skunk, with tail briskly curled up, casually munching on the kibble in the dog bowl. Maybe it was photoshopped (who knows these days?) but it Continue Reading

Church Alive


by Don Ingwerson The Newport Beach and Costa Mesa Christian Science Communities held a Church Alive meeting Saturday in the Newport 2nd Church Sunday School room. There were about 100 people present. Each of the three churches had a planning committee working with Madalon Maupin as the facilitator. I’m not a member of these three wonderful churches, but I was asked to be the keynote speaker for the event. I was so impressed with the music and Continue Reading

Big or Small: Seeing the Perfect Man

Photo illustrated by Mister Beau

A guest post written by Noie LaRue Two important jobs: Assistant Committee and Sunday School Teacher. One purpose - correcting misconceptions. As a teacher in my Sunday School and as an Assistant Committee on Publication, I think of our Sunday School as the children’s church home - a safe place to ask questions about ANYTHING.  And I have found that “…in a Christian manner to correct impositions on the public in regard to Christian Science” Continue Reading