Important ACA Updates

Important ACA Updates

by Don Ingwerson Beginning in 2014, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), virtually all Americans will need to have a medical health insurance plan that meets federal requirements, or pay a tax penalty. (Those who are enrolled in Medicare or another government health plan will be treated as complying with the law; those enrolled in an employer-sponsored health plan should check with their employer to confirm whether the plan is ACA-compliant.) Continue Reading

Take the Leap?

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by Don Ingwerson This blog was originally published September 22, 2011, and it's information that is still pertinent today. The discussion on overtreatment continues! Sometimes when I’m talking about health with friends and neighbors who don’t know me well the conversation will turn toward a health problem or concern that someone experienced. Like it or not, I’m generally asked about my experience, which is when I politely mention that I Continue Reading

Fruitage From the Field

Facade of the Capitol Building, Washington, D.C., USA

by Don Ingwerson I wanted to share with you one of the Committee on Publication's thoughts on the recent Capitol Hill Day. Katie Brown, Committee on Publication from Indiana, gives us a glimpse of the excitement that she felt when sharing with Congresspeople  and Congressional staff members the importance of an alternative to the current health system based on matter: Going to Washington, DC, really was a grand time! To quote the Student’s Continue Reading

Opportunities Abound

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by Don Ingwerson On this national 4th of July holiday I want to share with you an opportunity for service - the Government Relations Division of the Christian Science Federal Office is again looking for interns for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. On January 12, 2012 I ran a blog written by Virginia Early, 2011 government relations intern, on her thoughts about the work to include spiritual care in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). And the work needs Continue Reading

Capitol Hill Meetings Bring Blessings

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by Don Ingwerson I mentioned last month an effort by Christian Scientists to meet Members of Congress to discuss health care reform in our annual Capitol Hill Day. The Federal Office has posted an update on these efforts: Over the past four years, we’ve had the privilege of working with many Christian Scientists throughout the country—from Hawaii to Maine—who have volunteered their time in coming to Washington, DC, to meet with Members of Continue Reading

Health Care Reform

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by Don Ingwerson Recently, many from Southern California traveled to Washington D. C. to visit with members of congress or their legislative staff members to discuss health care reform.  I’m sure in the near future we will receive reports from these individuals and I will share their comments with you.  In the meantime, you will find the following on the Federal Office web site as a reminder that work is on going and as new information becomes Continue Reading

The Spice of Life

Jars Of Herbs And Spices

A guest post written by Susan Spears Article originally posted September 29, 2011 Ever hear that phrase, “variety is the spice of life?” While I was driving home the other day I got to thinking about variety and by extension, choice. It’s amazing what avenues your mind will travel when you let it. First I noticed how many types of cars there are. We may have started with just one type of Ford when cars were invented, but the wide array of Continue Reading

What Does it Take to Be a Wise Health Consumer?

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A guest post written by Ingrid Peschke, legislative liaison for Christian Science and spirituality in Massachusetts More people are asking themselves this question in part because of the newly mandated healthcare law, or Affordable Care Act, and in part because health care in the United States isn’t exactly delivering on the goods. “We have a disease care system, not a health care system,” says Shannon Brownlee, senior research fellow at Continue Reading

About the Federal Office


by Don Ingwerson I wanted to share the updated information about the Committee on Publication Federal Office. I hope you find it informative. It can be found here: The Christian Science Committee on Publication U.S. Federal Office, established in 1943, works with U.S. Congressional, executive, and regulatory Continue Reading

Put a “Be” Before Healthy

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A guest post written by Ingrid Peschke, health blogger, legislative liaison for Christian Science and spirituality in Massachusetts So often the emphasis is on the “doing” not the “being” when it comes to caring for one’s health. People do all sorts of things, from taking daily medications to undergoing treatments and procedures to find out if they are healthy or not. Yet despite all these efforts, health can still be illusive. All this Continue Reading