Not Doing Nothing

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A guest post written by Ronald Scott Why is it that I have encountered the thought that I’m “doing nothing” when I become ill or physically impaired – if I take no medical steps to resolve the problem? But I’m not doing nothing. I am praying. This is the first place that I as a Christian Scientist turn to for healing. And many others have found spiritual healing to be effective, with over 140 years of first-person testimony verifying Continue Reading

Declining Faith?

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A guest post written by Ronald Scott A recent study by the Pew Forum on religion and public life found that the number of Protestants in America is slowly declining. The study suggests that a major factor driving the decline is “an increase in religiously unaffiliated Americans.” Two-thirds of them still say they believe in God, but expressed disenchantment with religious organizations that are too concerned with money, power, rules, and Continue Reading

Answering the Tough Questions

Ventura Church Workshop 2011

by Don Ingwerson. Contributions shared by Ronald Scott and Betty McCosker Alford Farlow, the first Christian Science Committee on Publication, once wrote, “Mary Baker Eddy assigned to the Committee on Publication the duty of correcting impositions. …She expected all Christian Scientists would be doing corrective work in some form. Thus, it is worth Church members asking, How is this work to be done?” Here is one church member’s Continue Reading

Washing Away Negativity

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A life-long Christian Scientist and a member of a local branch church relates how his church helped to heal and bond a community together, and how his Christian Science Church “…affords proof of its utility and is found elevating the race” (Science & Health). A guest post written by Ronald Scott I had the opportunity to be part of the church leadership when the church membership addressed vandalism and loitering in the church parking Continue Reading