6 Ways to Build a Healthy Resolve

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  Resolving to make changes for the better is a good idea any time of the year…but each New Year helpfully reminds us of that fact! Tony Lobl’s Huffington Post UK blog “Keeping on Track With Those 'New Year' Resolutions – 6 Ways t0 Build a Healthy Resolve” was posted last year, but its message is still a good place to start. Resolve is a key quality in character reform. But taking it out of the airing cupboard one day a year isn’t Continue Reading

Qualities That Bless


A guest post by Sheila Kelly A friend with a gentle sense of humor recently sent me an email that said: Two of the greatest qualities in life are patience and wisdom. Below was a picture of a big brown and white dog on the deck of a large log chalet – looking mighty patient and wise – observing a skunk, with tail briskly curled up, casually munching on the kibble in the dog bowl. Maybe it was photoshopped (who knows these days?) but it Continue Reading