Thinking Outside the Brain About Health Care

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by Don Ingwerson Is it important to focus entirely on the body in order to know how to maintain your health? Is health exclusively dependent on material things (blood, bones, etc.), as has been generally accepted over time? Or does the fact that the body is comprised of energy suggest that health is affected and controlled by something else? An article in the Huffington Post, “Thinking Outside the (Skull) Box,” really got me thinking about Continue Reading

Empower Yourself to be Healthy

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A guest post written by Wendy Margolese, Christian Science media representative for Ontario and legislative liaison for Canada Have you ever thought about whether you can influence your own health? According to Dr. Nancy Abram, MD, you can.  Here is an edited excerpt of my conversation with this thoughtful and intuitive physician who, after three decades, retired from her medical practice in Southern Ontario to focus on mind-body Continue Reading

Health Potential Takes Flight

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by Don Ingwerson I have a family of gulls (two adults and three chicks) nesting on my chimney, going about their business built on their own instincts and traditions. They are of course ignoring my family below. Because of these new guests – their eating, exercising, and family interactions – compared to human’s health habits – I got to thinking about health from the perspective of how beliefs of tradition can limit the acceptance of new Continue Reading

Is There a Silver Bullet for Good Health?

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by Don Ingwerson Americans with all their good intentions have a tendency to want instant everything. It seems we are always looking for that proverbial “silver bullet” solution. That’s true for many things including our health. What is the best way to develop and maintain excellent health? From every front, we are advised that the path to health is through rigorous attention to our physical needs such as the food we eat, the exercise program Continue Reading

The Brain: Is it the Source of Health?


by Don Ingwerson President Obama has pledged $100,000,000 in his 2014 budget for new brain research according to the New York Times Editorial Board.  The ultimate aim is to learn how the brain generates thoughts, dreams, memories, perceptions, and other mental images.  Is it possible to measure something that may not reside in the brain but in a form of consciousness outside the material substance called the brain? To look at that question, I Continue Reading

Prevention Through the Eyes of a Spinach Skeptic

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by Don Ingwerson The sight of spinach on my dinner plate can – for me – ruin an otherwise good meal. Although I’ve always been told that eating spinach makes you healthy, this does little to change my feelings about the value of it. I’m not sure exactly what would make me reconsider my view of this green, leafy vegetable, but research supporting preventative activities that may lower health care costs and eliminate unnecessary hospital and Continue Reading

All Hands on Deck


by Don Ingwerson One night many years ago while I was serving in the military, the chaplain calmly and quietly told me over the phone that a soldier’s wife had been asphyxiated because of a gas leak in the family housing barracks. He asked me to go immediately to the base hospital and prayerfully support her. You might say that it was a call for “all hands on deck.” In this case it meant that there was only one purpose for us, which was to Continue Reading

Navigating Your Way to Good Health

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A guest post written by Beverly Goldsmith, media and governmental spokesperson for Southern- Western Australia When your current health practices aren’t working, it’s OK to navigate your way to good health. You don’t have to take my word for it.  Wanting to be healthy and well is what drives thousands of Australians to investigate what they can do to achieve a better health outcome. It’s probably safe to say that all of us want to live a Continue Reading

Finding Your Way Up and Out of Stress

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by Don Ingwerson Years ago, I had my office and car windows shot out because of community resistance to a school that I was closing. This created a fearful condition for me and for my family. As I tried to resolve this stressful situation, a painful and unbearable thumping in my head developed. I was able to handle it, as I’ll explain in a minute. I was reminded of this situation recently when I thought about the current stresses people Continue Reading

Health Consciousness: Working Together

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by Don Ingwerson It seems to me that people’s attitudes are changing as they become more conscious of the need for health goals to be achieved through interrelationships and world connectedness. People are finding that personal health goals like losing weight, eating better, exercising, and quitting smoking, while very important to the individual, also need to be considered in the context of world health issues. For example, if an Continue Reading