Is It Worth It To Detox Mentally?

Is It Worth It To Detox Mentally?

My colleague Tim Mitchinson is a health blogger from Illinois, and in his article he writes about the health benefits gained when negative feelings such as anger, jealousy, or hate are eliminated from ones thinking. More and more individuals are considering detoxing and cleansing their bodies of impurities for health reasons.   But interestingly, some of […]

What You Gain By Living With Less

What You Gain By Living With Less

Kim Shippey is a regular guest blogger for Ingrid Peschke’s blog Changing Tides of Health. As an international journalist who has relocated with his family many times during his career, he offers helpful insights when he writes about reducing clutter. Although the treatment center for hoarding he mentions is not in Southern California, we all […]

Probing the Mental Causes of Obesity

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A guest post written by Thomas Mitchinson, legislative liaison and media spokesman for Christian Science in Illinois “Fear, anxiety, and mental overload are causes for obesity in human beings,” according to Professor Dr. BM Hegde.  He called these emotions “mental flab that kills.” In a recent blog he wrote, “Obesity, increase in body weight disproportionate […]

Empower Yourself to be Healthy

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A guest post written by Wendy Margolese, Christian Science media representative for Ontario and legislative liaison for Canada Have you ever thought about whether you can influence your own health? According to Dr. Nancy Abram, MD, you can.  Here is an edited excerpt of my conversation with this thoughtful and intuitive physician who, after three […]

The Power of Love to Improve Mental Health

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A guest post written by Bob Cummings, the media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Michigan Mental health can be improved and maintained by treating the whole person and by helping the patient feel connected with – and loved by – others and the divine. Treating the whole person In 2007 Malkia Newman was appointed […]

Reducing Stress the Military Way?

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  A guest post written by Keith Wommack, Columnist / Christian Science practitioner & teacher / Legislative advocate for spiritual healing Marine Lance Corporal Carlos Lozano drops from a helicopter during a simulated raid, confronts mock Afghan villagers, and is rocked by loud explosions. Then, obeying orders, he sits silently and stares at his boots. […]