Prescriptions That Are Outside the Doctor’s Toolbox

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A guest post written by Ingrid Pechke, media and legislative advocate for Christian Science in Massachusetts Patient-driven care, the mHealth movement, the fact that over a third of the population is willing to pay out of pocket for complementary and alternative medicine–this is today’s health care reality. From the latest health apps on their mobile […]

Reducing Stress the Military Way?

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  A guest post written by Keith Wommack, Columnist / Christian Science practitioner & teacher / Legislative advocate for spiritual healing Marine Lance Corporal Carlos Lozano drops from a helicopter during a simulated raid, confronts mock Afghan villagers, and is rocked by loud explosions. Then, obeying orders, he sits silently and stares at his boots. […]

What Cuts the Chance of Catching the Cold or Flu by up to 50 Percent?

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A guest post written by Bob Cummings, media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Michigan “Your mind can cut your chances of catching a cold by 40 to 50 percent.” Really? Yes – according to a recent ABC News report by Susan Ince entitled, “15 Ways To Prevent Colds and Flu” which lists meditation along with […]