Pioneers in Health are Vital to New Ways of Healing

Pioneers in Health are Vital to New Thinking

by Don Ingwerson Many are welcoming reports that the practice of medicine is changing. How much and how fast is still anyone’s guess. One article profiling this change is “More hospitals offering alternative therapy services,” written by Los Angeles Times seasoned-reporter Duke Helfand. Hefland writes that alternative therapies, including meditation, relaxation training, homeopathy, and chiropractic […]

Women in History Whose Faith Glorified God

Women in History Who's Faith Glorified God

Correcting impositions by writing and being published is one of the main thrusts of Committee work, and I wanted to share with you an article Anne Stearns Condon, assistant committee and writer from Thousand Oaks, wrote. Anne consistently publishes her articles in the Ventura County Star and I appreciate her efforts and wanted to share […]

Do We Have a Choice When Seeing Positively or Negatively?

Do We Have a Choice When Seeing Positively or Negatively?

A guest post written by MaryLou MacKenzie from Lancaster, California Have you ever wondered why some people look at life more darkly than others? Researchers have pondered this question and have recently come to the conclusion that there is a biological reason for this difference. “Subjects who had a specific form of a gene in […]

Is It Possible to Banish Anger?

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Whether living in sunny Florida or sunny Southern California, we all are sometimes faced with the opportunity to negate negative thoughts. My colleague Bob Clark, media spokesperson and legislative advocate for Christian Science in Florida, recently wrote a column for The Tampa Bay Times on the importance of banishing anger in all its forms as […]

A Key Ingredient to Handling Stress: Lean on the Divine

A Key Ingredient to Handling Stress: Lean on the Divine

by Don Ingwerson I live in an area of the country where a lot of families have lost their homes and businesses because of economic conditions. Kids have changed schools and friends. Moms and dads have new pressures – many outside their control. The deeper I look into my community, region, and nation, the more […]

Women’s History Month: Mary Baker Eddy’s Commitment to Health


“Celebrating Women’s Character, Courage, and Commitment” is the theme for this year’s March Women’s History month.  My colleague Ingrid Peschke’s blog highlights an often overlooked 19th-century woman for her significant contributions to religion and health. Her strength of character, courage, and commitment are evident in the body of work she accomplished. Mary Baker Eddy was […]