Affordable Care Act Resources

Affordable Care Act Resources

by Don Ingwerson March 31st is just around the corner and for anyone who still has questions about the Affordable Care Act, I thought these resource links posted by the Federal Committee on Publication office may be helpful: The website our ACA FAQs page our Insurance page our “How can I help?” page Third-party […]

Armed With Spiritual Clarity on Capitol Hill

Armed With Spiritual Clarity on Capitol Hill

by Don Ingwerson For today’s blog I wanted to share with you a new metaphysical article from the Federal Committee on Publication site. This blog is about a December trip that Christian Scientists from Delaware took to visit Capitol Hill to talk to their representatives about a legislative effort  to promote an exemption to purchase […]

Frequently Asked Questions About California’s Health Insurance Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions About California's Health Insurance Marketplace

by Don Ingwerson The implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has led to the creation of state health insurance marketplaces. California’s marketplace is called Covered California and is designed to be an easy way for someone shopping for health insurance to compare benefits and costs. Covered California has a webpage with frequently asked questions […]

2014 ACA Decision Flow Chart for Christian Scientists


This is the year that the Affordable Care Act takes effect, and I thought this flow chart from the Federal Office might help anyone needing some guidance on insurance. This information is found here: 2014 ACA decision flow chart for Christian Scientists. Beginning in 2014, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), virtually all Americans will […]

Update: Who Covers Christian Science Care

Update: Who Covers Christian Science Care

by Don Ingwerson Each year I post the current information on who covers Christian Science care – information that the Federal Committee on Publication office has been collecting for the past several years. Here is their latest information: Various U.S. federal, state, and private health insurance plans provide for the reimbursement of Christian Science nursing […]

Mandatory Insurance and Christian Science Care

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by Don Ingwerson The media is continually informing Americans about the upcoming requirement to purchase health insurance. Yet, many find confusing information when searching for what’s available. I found the Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association website interesting as Executive Director Janiva Toler gathers information relating to healthcare insurance and Christian Science in, “Healthcare Answers: Insurance Companies […]

No Rate Shock for Exchange


by Don Ingwerson In an effort to keep you informed as to the progress of ACA (Affordable Care Act), I have included a link to an article on the latest information on California’s Health Insurance Exchange: California’s Health Insurance Exchange Sets Plans, Premiums; No ‘Rate Shock.’ Experts had warned that this new exchange, once established, […]