Is It Possible to Banish Anger?

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Whether living in sunny Florida or sunny Southern California, we all are sometimes faced with the opportunity to negate negative thoughts. My colleague Bob Clark, media spokesperson and legislative advocate for Christian Science in Florida, recently wrote a column for The Tampa Bay Times on the importance of banishing anger in all its forms as […]

Maintaining Health Through Mandatory Insurance – A Fuzzy Picture

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by Don Ingwerson What comprises good health and how to maintain it can sometimes add up to a fuzzy picture for many of us. A growing number of studies point to the ineffectiveness and inappropriate use of drugs, while over-diagnosis and over-treatment by physicians continue to be a concern. Then there’s the ongoing dialogue about […]

About the Federal Office


by Don Ingwerson I wanted to share the updated information about the Committee on Publication Federal Office. I hope you find it informative. It can be found here: The Christian Science Committee on Publication U.S. Federal Office, established in 1943, works with U.S. Congressional, executive, and regulatory offices. Our mission is to help these […]

Covered California Initial Public Sentiment on Health Insurance Reforms


by Don Ingwerson The California Benefit Exchange (Covered California) recently shared the results of an extensive research survey as to the interests of interviewed Californians. The following is a report of those findings (found on the California Health Benefit Exchange news site). We must remember that by January, 2014 most every individual will be required […]

The Fix for Health Care – Holistic Medicine and Patient Choice?

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by Don Ingwerson Article first published in the U-T San Diego. Amid the nation-wide debate about health care and each person’s search for a safe, effective, and affordable approach is the realization that being healthy is an individual responsibility and personal endeavor. A synopsis of an article in The Atlantic by Dr. David H. Freedman […]