Relying on God as the Only Cause Brings Healing

Relying on God as the Only Cause Brings Healing

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A guest post written by Alan Galt from Carlsbad, California

Modern medical practice has made great strides. Broad experience, advancing technology, and improved communication enhance the physician’s skill at diagnosing and treating health problems, based on the conviction that bodily disorders come from dysfunction, imbalance, infection, or injury.Continue Reading

Lives Lived: Healed of Epilepsy

Juneby Don Ingwerson

There are so many written accounts of healing through Christian Science that have been recorded in the Christian Science Sentinel, Journal, and Herald – now available on JSH online! And we also have Lives Lived videos that are available to hear first-hand accounts of healing by relying on Christian Science.Continue Reading

Lives Lived: Quickly Healed After Car Accident

Lives Lived: Quickly Healed After a Car Accidentby Don Ingwerson

I’m grateful to continue to share these wonderful Christian Science healings with my readers. Meet Donna. She fully recovered within two weeks from a severe car accident – after being cared for in a Christian Science nursing facility and receiving Christian Science prayer. A physician later confirmed the healing that included a broken back and other broken bones.Continue Reading

Looking for Harmony? Exude the Perfume of Gratitude

Looking for Harmony? Exude the Perfume of Gratitude

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by Don Ingwerson

Have you ever noticed how so much of the fabric of society is underpinned by the Golden Rule? The ability to respectfully be aware of others and act on this awareness creates the possibility of peace instead of a wholly selfish society where everyone is only looking out for themselves.Continue Reading