A Paradigm Shift in Health and Healing


by Don Ingwerson In the latest vlog from The Mother Church, Eric Bashor asks whether integrative medicine is ready for “prime time” and shares information about integrative medicine written by Dr. Andrew Weil and published on CNN. Dr. Weil quotes extensively from the healthcare documentary, Escape Fire, in his article. Featured article © GLOW IMAGES […]

The Root of the Health Care Problem

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A guest post written by Rich Evans, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Arizona Evans’ article was originally posted in the Arizona Capitol Times Where are we on health care? We have made a political debate out of health care, which exceeds any federal or state government’s capacity to solve. Whatever evolution the remedies take, […]

Is it Possible to Manage Pain Beyond a Quick Fix?

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A guest post written by Ingrid Peschke, Committee on Publication for Massachusetts An estimated 86 million Americans struggle with chronic pain. The treatment options are many, ranging from commonly prescribed medications and steroid injections to physical therapy, massage and meditation. Recently the media has been all over the New-England manufactured contaminated steroid drug that has […]