Doing the Right Thing Can Be Healthy

Doing the Right Thing Can Be Healthy

by Don Ingwerson Most of us have very efficient ways of compartmentalizing aspects of our life. There’s a time for community service, spending time with the family, recreation, vacations, exercise, and fixing things around the house. These plans make us feel like we’re propelling ourselves forward in a balanced manner - keeping peace with our family members and showing attention to everything that seems important in our lives. But wouldn’t Continue Reading

Probing the Mental Causes of Obesity

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A guest post written by Thomas Mitchinson, legislative liaison and media spokesman for Christian Science in Illinois “Fear, anxiety, and mental overload are causes for obesity in human beings,” according to Professor Dr. BM Hegde.  He called these emotions “mental flab that kills.” In a recent blog he wrote, “Obesity, increase in body weight disproportionate to the height with excess fatty deposits under the skin, has become a menace to Continue Reading

Are Attitudes and Health Linked?


by Don Ingwerson Recently my wife and I ended a Disneyland visit without our usual family around us – and I can’t remember that ever happening before. Because we weren’t preoccupied with entertaining the kids, we could relax and observe everyone. Even though there were crushing shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, I noticed something interesting. There was no foul language, and no real pushing or shoving. When bumping did occur, there was an immediate Continue Reading