Depression and Grief Healed Through Prayer

Depression and Grief Healed Through Prayer

by Don Ingwerson I wanted to share with you a short video from a series called Lives Lived. This one features Sarah, who struggled with depression and grief after her mother passed away. Find out how she was able to get past this through prayer. Featured photo © GLOW IMAGES Continue Reading

Tips To Leave Depression Behind

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Have you ever had a “black hole” experience, one where things were all going in a negative direction with no hope of getting better? My colleague Beverly Goldsmith of Australia writes of a friend’s journey out of depressing thoughts and a determination to get mentally free, an effort that improved her health. Beverly includes helpful tips that we can all adopt, if we find ourselves in a similar situation. “I once went down into the black hole Continue Reading

The Holidays: It Doesn’t Have To Be Downhill From Here

The Holidays: It Doesn’t Have To Be Downhill From Here

by Don Ingwerson You have prepared for the holidays for months it seems, but are you prepared for the end of the holidays? With its parties, presents, and traditions, this season gets all the focus and is accompanied by happy, excited emotions. But as holiday decorations get put away and all returns to normal, it seems that life is all work and a sense of loneliness creeps in. How can you hold on to joy and the feeling of expectation without Continue Reading

New Twist on a “Good” Book


In the latest vlog from The Mother Church, Eric Bashor shares information from a Guardian article on mental health - doctors in the UK can encourage a drug-free, thought-based approach to addressing depression by prescribing reading a self-help book. Featured photo © GLOW IMAGES. Model used for illustrative purposes. Continue Reading

Resolution – To Help Others With Mental Illness

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A guest post written by Katie S. Brown, a Christian Science practitioner and teacher and the media and legislative liaison for Christian Science in Indiana. One good New Year’s resolution for all of us might be to do whatever we can to prevent tragedies such as happened just before Christmas in Newtown, Connecticut by reaching out to troubled individuals. According to ABC Good Morning America, Adam Lanza “suffered from a condition where he Continue Reading

A Spiritual Solution for Holiday Blues

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A guest post written by Bob Cummings, Committee on Publication for Michigan Another holiday season is upon us.  It’s supposed to be a joyous and festive time. But unfortunately for many, this season may come with feelings of loneliness or depression. There is, however, a spiritual solution for this. A recent study¹ by the University of Michigan Health System published in Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing found that Continue Reading