Treating Alzheimers Through The Creative Arts Brings Results

Treating Alzheimers through the creative arts brings results

The arts play an important role here in Southern California and I for one enjoy the creative expression of beauty artists exhibit. My colleague Anna Bowness-Park of Canada writes how the arts can transform lives of those with dementia. Her article was first published in the Vancouver Sun. Watching her mother Hilda Gorenstein slowly disappear into the […]

Health Consciousness: Working Together

People embracing Earth

by Don Ingwerson It seems to me that people’s attitudes are changing as they become more conscious of the need for health goals to be achieved through interrelationships and world connectedness. People are finding that personal health goals like losing weight, eating better, exercising, and quitting smoking, while very important to the individual, also need […]

Key to Better Health


A guest post written by Eric Nelson, media spokesperson and legislative advocate for the Committee on Publication for Northern California. This article, “The Key to Better Health: Individual Mandate or Individual Commitment?” originally appeared on Communities In the months leading up to the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), most of […]