Prescriptions That Are Outside the Doctor’s Toolbox

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A guest post written by Ingrid Pechke, media and legislative advocate for Christian Science in Massachusetts Patient-driven care, the mHealth movement, the fact that over a third of the population is willing to pay out of pocket for complementary and alternative medicine–this is today’s health care reality. From the latest health apps on their mobile […]

Integrative Medicine: Recognizing our Innate Capacity to Heal


A guest post written by Steve Salt, media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Ohio “What’s up doc?” Seems the buzz around the medical water cooler these days is integrative medicine. Think of you and your integrative medicine physician working “as partners to engage body, mind and spirit in attaining and maintaining optimal health.”  […]

Restoring the Heart to Healthcare

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by Don Ingwerson “Mindfulness Meeting This Way” proclaimed a small sign at the entrance of one of the many medical buildings on the UCLA Campus – and suddenly I felt invigorated. I was not there to attend a mindfulness meeting, but to interview the GWish (George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health) project director, Dr. […]

What Does it Take to Be a Wise Health Consumer?

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A guest post written by Ingrid Peschke, legislative liaison for Christian Science and spirituality in Massachusetts More people are asking themselves this question in part because of the newly mandated healthcare law, or Affordable Care Act, and in part because health care in the United States isn’t exactly delivering on the goods. “We have a […]

Maintaining Health Through Mandatory Insurance – A Fuzzy Picture

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by Don Ingwerson What comprises good health and how to maintain it can sometimes add up to a fuzzy picture for many of us. A growing number of studies point to the ineffectiveness and inappropriate use of drugs, while over-diagnosis and over-treatment by physicians continue to be a concern. Then there’s the ongoing dialogue about […]

An Argument for Inclusion of Alternatives in Health Care

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by Don Ingwerson Since complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) include the area of prayer, I  keep abreast of reports that mention CAM. The attached report mentions alternative and complementary medicines. In prior reports, prayer was the leading alternative medicine used by the public (49%). I found this report interesting and I’m sharing it with you. […]