Inspiring Work on Capitol Hill

Inspiring Work on Capitol Hill


by Don Ingwerson

There’s been a lot of acrimonious political posturing up through these mid-term elections, with a scarcity of good will. Many people feel fatigued from the political process, instead of inspired. Here is one article from the Federal Committee on Publication office that will renew that inspiration.Continue Reading

Ingrid Peschke Interview Discusses Christian Science

by Don Ingwerson

I wanted to share with you a great interview on Christian Science. Ingrid Peschke is the Massachusetts Committee on Publication and answers questions about Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy in a TV interview on “Virginia’s Views and Vibes.” It’s really wonderful to be able to clear up misconceptions about Christian Science and Ingrid does a fantastic job!

Turning to God for Health Care

120-RV634L6A guest post written by Blake Windal from Rancho Santa Margarita, California

We hear a lot these days about alternative forms of health care including placebo, hypnotic, herbal, aromatic and musical therapies, mind-body connection cures, and many others. Like their primary medical health care counterparts, these therapeutics lack a spiritual component for their results.Continue Reading

Medical Overtreatment Needs to Change – But Will It?

Medical Overtreatment Needs to Change - But Will It?


by Don Ingwerson

There is much in the news about medical over diagnoses and overtreatment, but where is this information going to lead us? Elizabeth Loder, BMJ research editor, reported that the general consensus at an Avoiding Avoidable Care conference was, “US healthcare costs are unsustainable and a large amount of money is being wasted on unnecessary treatment.” I find it heartening that one of the goals of this conference was to figure out what is behind unnecessary health care treatments.

Along with this goal, the participants found that defensive medicine, inappropriate patient expectations, and fee-for-service payments had to be addressed in order to change the nature of an unrealistic and excessive-treatment healthcare system. They identified four categories to focus on:

–Affordability (Financially sustainable)

–Accountability (Patient ownership)

–Partnerships (Medical, patient, spiritual)

–Expectations (reasonable)

It seems to me that there is an underlying optimistic desire for change, despite some negative comments at the conference concerning the need for follow-through. This ties in really well with the recommendations in another article in American Medical News that I read about over-prescribing of drugs. Dr.Fugh-Berman, director of PharmedOut stated, “We really need to bring more rationality to prescribing.”

This rationality works hand in hand with the idea of accountability, which has been one of my greatest concerns. I feel that everyone should take ownership of his or her health. For me, I take control of my health by starting with prayer.

Deep prayer has enabled me to be accountable for much more than my body; it has helped with financial, intellectual, emotional, and educational issues. And my experience has been that health is best accomplished when all aspects of my life are kept in balance. I find that this is easier when I start from a spiritual perspective that balance is God-given, not something I have to engineer.

The idea of taking control of your body and not succumbing to overtreatment and over diagnosis is really changing the way many view healthcare. Professor H. G. Welch wrapped up what he has found in medical overtreatment/diagnosis by saying, “For years now, people have been encouraged to look to medical care as the way to make them healthy. But that’s your job — you can’t contract that out. Doctors might be able to help, but so might an author of a good cookbook, a personal trainer, a cleric, or a good friend. We would all be better off if the medical system got a little closer to its original mission of helping sick patients, and let the healthy be.”

But for me, ‘taking control’ means more than personal accountability; it’s tied to my God-given nature.

Article first published in Blogcritics and published June 18, 2012.

Christian Science and its Effect on the First Franchise

by Don Ingwerson

This video is a light-hearted reminder that Christian Science, when shared and practiced, brings not only healing but also inspiration and growth to all who are touched by it!

Feature photo © GLOW IMAGES Model used for illustrative purposes.