Medical Overtreatment Needs to Change – But Will It?

Medical Overtreatment Needs to Change - But Will It?

by Don Ingwerson There is much in the news about medical over diagnoses and overtreatment, but where is this information going to lead us? Elizabeth Loder, BMJ research editor, reported that the general consensus at an Avoiding Avoidable Care conference was, “US healthcare costs are unsustainable and a large amount of money is being wasted […]

Update: Who Covers Christian Science Care

Update: Who Covers Christian Science Care

by Don Ingwerson Each year I post the current information on who covers Christian Science care – information that the Federal Committee on Publication office has been collecting for the past several years. Here is their latest information: Various U.S. federal, state, and private health insurance plans provide for the reimbursement of Christian Science nursing […]

Mandatory Insurance and Christian Science Care

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by Don Ingwerson The media is continually informing Americans about the upcoming requirement to purchase health insurance. Yet, many find confusing information when searching for what’s available. I found the Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association website interesting as Executive Director Janiva Toler gathers information relating to healthcare insurance and Christian Science in, “Healthcare Answers: Insurance Companies […]