Patient Control of Health Reduces Fear, Overtreatment

Patient Control of Health Reduces Fear, Overtreatment

by Don Ingwerson Medical overtreatment is leading us to “be sicker and poorer” according to Shannon Brownlee, acting director of the health policy program at the New America Foundation. Brownlee describes the medical scenario that leads her to this conclusion as: “Sometimes the test leads you down a path, a therapeutic cascade, where you start to tumble downstream to more and more testing, and more and more invasive testing, and possibly even Continue Reading

New Approaches in Health Care

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by Don Ingwerson In a professional meeting a while ago, I listened to a consultant talk about the effects of fear on the body. He asked each of us to hold a thermometer between the thumb and forefinger for a few minutes and then read their thermometer’s indicated temperature. After this initial reading, he guided us to think about something very stressful and fearful while holding the thermometer as before. After a few moments, he asked us to Continue Reading

Health Care is More of What?


by Don Ingwerson Never before has society been so bombarded with the portrayal of health as a lucky break. Advertising is everywhere to convince us that it’s not normal to feel well. No wonder a recent Pew study showed that 80% of adults who use the internet look for health information online. Sure, some people are satisfied with the care they’re receiving. But many are not. 100 million Americans say they live with a chronic health Continue Reading

Living a Longer and Better Life


by Don Ingwerson How would you answer these questions? Would you like to live longer; be more flexible, centered, balanced? According to “Tap into the Power of Prayer,” those who pray are able to demonstrate the above qualities to a greater degree than those who don’t pray. The article reports a landmark study in the 1980’s that states, “…prayer was tested in heart patients in a large hospital. Half of the patients were prayed for; half Continue Reading

Restoring the Heart to Healthcare

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by Don Ingwerson This blog was originally published April 8, 2013, but I wanted to take another look at the importance of "heart" in healthcare after I read the July 8, 2013 Christian Science Sentinel article titled, "A Perfect Heart." What struck me about that article is the mention that the word heart appears more than 700 times in the KJV Bible, but it almost never references a physical organ! Clearly heart is important as a spiritual Continue Reading

Integrative Medicine: Recognizing our Innate Capacity to Heal


A guest post written by Steve Salt, media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Ohio “What’s up doc?” Seems the buzz around the medical water cooler these days is integrative medicine. Think of you and your integrative medicine physician working “as partners to engage body, mind and spirit in attaining and maintaining optimal health.”  This is how physicians at University of Cincinnati Health describe integrative medicine Continue Reading

Good Health: Don’t Contract It Out

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by Don Ingwerson I find it heartening that while there is still a tendency to view health care from 30,000 ft., more people in the health care arena are looking closely at the individual – realizing that health care is more effective when the whole person is treated. This reminded me of an incident on a snowy Colorado night when I realized that I needed to push the snow out of my driveway if I was going to be able to get to an early morning Continue Reading

Prevention Through the Eyes of a Spinach Skeptic

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by Don Ingwerson The sight of spinach on my dinner plate can – for me – ruin an otherwise good meal. Although I’ve always been told that eating spinach makes you healthy, this does little to change my feelings about the value of it. I’m not sure exactly what would make me reconsider my view of this green, leafy vegetable, but research supporting preventative activities that may lower health care costs and eliminate unnecessary hospital and Continue Reading

Prayer and the Placebo

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by Don Ingwerson When the subject of placebos enters into the conversation, what’s the perception? That the brain can fool the body? That doctors sometimes use it to convince the patient that a substance or pill will change the existing conditions of the body? Are there ethics guiding the use of placebos? The 60 Minutes interview concerning placebos brought to the public an awareness of the existence of the placebo and the effect it has on Continue Reading

Restoring the Heart to Healthcare

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by Don Ingwerson “Mindfulness Meeting This Way” proclaimed a small sign at the entrance of one of the many medical buildings on the UCLA Campus – and suddenly I felt invigorated. I was not there to attend a mindfulness meeting, but to interview the GWish (George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health) project director, Dr. Margaret Stuber, about a Templeton-funded study to promote spirituality and health in medicine and Continue Reading