Need an Emancipation Proclamation for your Health?

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A guest post by Bob Cummings, media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Michigan Do you sometimes feel like a slave to disease? Or to its treatment? Or know someone who does? How do chapped lips, Abraham Lincoln’s visit to Kalamazoo, Michigan, and a case of poison ivy shed light on needed emancipation? Abraham Lincoln made only one visit to Michigan – to Kalamazoo in 1856. Why did he make that visit? To address slavery, of Continue Reading

The Better Angels of Our Nature


A guest post written by Robert B. Clark, Committee on Publication for Florida If the United States of America is still, as Abraham Lincoln proclaimed to a divided nation in 1862, “the last best hope of earth,” then the spiritual health of our nation, looked over by “the better angels of our nature,” would seem pretty important to the world. That’s why I was interested to read The Christian Science Monitor’s May 2 opinion piece titled, Continue Reading