A Mind Already Full

A Mind Already Full

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A guest post written by Evelyn Brookins from Laguna Niguel, California

I recently saw a video blog about how psychiatrists have concluded that the fear of disease is itself a disease. What I found thought provoking was the source of our fear of disease, which led me to recall being carefully taught in school about germs and infections.Continue Reading

Explore the Healing Power of Forgiveness

Exploring the Healing Power of Forgiveness

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Bob Clark is the media spokesperson and legislative advocate for Christian Science in Florida, as well as an health columnist. His recent article that originally appeared in The Tampa Bay Times touched on the topic of forgiveness that should be a part of everyone’s daily life.Continue Reading

Feeding the Hungry Heart

Feeding a Hungry Heart


by Don Ingwerson

When my wife was a teenager, she became very concerned with her weight. But her mother told her not to worry. Why? Because she knew her daughter was too astute to let her weight get out of control. What that meant to my wife was that her mom was reminding her that she had a deeper understanding of her identity as being more than just physical. She had learned in her Sunday School that she was the child of God and so she understood that issues of weight had a spiritual dimension. She could demonstrate what the Bible calls “dominion” over her circumstances.Continue Reading