What If Nothing About You Needed Fixing?

© GLOW IMAGES Model used for illustrative purposes

© GLOW IMAGES Model used for illustrative purposes

What do you do when you’re told you’re not good enough? Ingrid Peschke’s recent April 13, 2015 article published in the Huff Post shares how we can discover spiritual qualities we already include – no fixing needed.Continue Reading

Lives Lived: Finding Balance, Poise, and Strength After Injury

Lives Lived: Finding Balance, Poise, and Strength After Injuryby Don Ingwerson

I’m so grateful to get to share with you another inspiring healing that someone had through the study of Christian Science. Meet Heather, a ballet dancer who was training for a competition when she sprained her ankle. She decided to depend on Christian Science prayer and worked with a Christian Science practitioner. Soon after that, she was able to finish preparing and compete without any problem.Continue Reading

Lives Lived: Injured Ankle Healed Through Prayer

Injured Ankle Healed Through Prayerby Don Ingwerson

Here’s another Lives Lived video about using Christian Science to find healing. Here’s Jake. He wrestled competitively in high school. During a meet, he injured his ankle. The team physicians said he needed surgery, and after which he’d need to recuperate for eight months. Jake decided to address it through Christian Science prayer, and was healed and back wrestling within two months.Continue Reading

Celebrate Easter! It’s Good For Your Health!

White lilies on red background“Celebrate Easter’s powerful message of hope in the continuity of good health and a fulfilling life. Be glad, not sad, this Easter and all year round.” This message is shared by my colleague Beverly Goldsmith from Australia in her recent blog posted on buzzfeed.com, and it rings true to my Southern California audience, too!Continue Reading

Lives Lived: Healed of Debilitating Muscle Weakness Through Prayer

Lives Lived: Healed of Debilitating Muscle Weakness Through Prayer

by Don Ingwerson

Every so often I’m privileged to share with you a healing someone had through prayer in Christian Science. Here’s Valerie, who started experiencing pain along with weak muscles. In the past, she has used Christian Science to care for her health, and so she began working with a Christian Science practitioner to pray about this situation. Within months, she was able to make a full recovery and return to her everyday activities.Continue Reading

In Love, There Are No ‘Shades of Grey’



Eric Nelson writes each week on the link between consciousness and health from his perspective as a practitioner of Christian Science. Eric also serves as the media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Northern California. Here is a thoughtful column he posted on Community Digital News and on his web site.Continue Reading