Former Intern Discusses the ACA

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Elodie Reed, the Government Relations Division's Summer 2013 intern, is now a reporter for New Hampshire's Monadnock Ledger-Transcript. In her hot-off-the-press article, "Find a health care voice: The individual mandate, individualized," Elodie discusses Christian Scientists and the Affordable Care Act. Check out Elodie's article! You may also be interested in Elodie's metaphysical perspective on her summer interning with the Government Continue Reading

How the ACA Affects You

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by Don Ingwerson We have less than a year to go before the ACA (Affordable Care Act) goes into effect. I've noticed many news articles that show many people still have questions about what this means for them. A post by the Federal Committee on Publication site tries to alleviate the confusion by appointing someone as the lead person to answer questions from the Field. Here is the post by the Federal office and it can also be read directly Continue Reading

Mandatory Insurance and Christian Science Care

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by Don Ingwerson The media is continually informing Americans about the upcoming requirement to purchase health insurance. Yet, many find confusing information when searching for what's available. I found the Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association website interesting as Executive Director Janiva Toler gathers information relating to healthcare insurance and Christian Science in, “Healthcare Answers: Insurance Companies and Christian Science Continue Reading

No Rate Shock for Exchange


by Don Ingwerson In an effort to keep you informed as to the progress of ACA (Affordable Care Act), I have included a link to an article on the latest information on California’s Health Insurance Exchange: California's Health Insurance Exchange Sets Plans, Premiums; No 'Rate Shock.' Experts had warned that this new exchange, once established, would have considerably higher costs, which so far has not happened. There are 13 plans selected and Continue Reading

Keeping in Touch

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by Don Ingwerson Visiting media to keep the dialogue open on the importance of alternative health – specifically in the spiritual/mental realm – is a challenge I look forward to each month. This Tuesday I visited six media outlets, where I found that they were busy with elections. The student editor of the Cal State Long Beach Daily 49er also wasn’t available because school was no longer in session. But each meeting brings back into focus for Continue Reading

Improving the Spiritual Dimension of Whole-Person Care

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by Don Ingwerson As you know from previous blogs, GWish (George Washington University Institute of Spirituality and Health) has been at the forefront to promote the concept that spirituality is tied to health and is an important component to healing. I found this article from George Washington University Newswise to be especially interesting because it details a recent conference in which leaders from all over the world and of a variety of Continue Reading

Response to “Who Would Determine Prayer Efficacy?”

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by Don Ingwerson Bernard Eichenbaum responded to my article published December 6, 2012 in the San Diego Union Tribune by asking: "Who would determine prayer efficacy?" This comment was published in the Letters to the Editor section of the paper on December 9, 2012. Myy response to this question was published in the Letters to the Editor section on December 19, 2012, "Insurers embracing spiritual forms of health care:" In response to Continue Reading

The Fix for Health Care – Holistic Medicine and Patient Choice?

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by Don Ingwerson Article first published in the U-T San Diego. Amid the nation-wide debate about health care and each person’s search for a safe, effective, and affordable approach is the realization that being healthy is an individual responsibility and personal endeavor. A synopsis of an article in The Atlantic by Dr. David H. Freedman says, “the medical profession kept a cool distance from alternative medicine, which most doctors Continue Reading

Update on Media Initiatives

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by Don Ingwerson This past month I have been regularly contacting health editors and reporters in the larger media outlets in Southern California. Two of the larger ones are U-T San Diego and the Los Angeles Times. Earlier this month I met with the Opinion editor of U-T to introduce myself and to request guidelines for publishing an Op Ed article in the paper. I then submitted, “Where Does Holistic Medicine Fit?” and it was approved and Continue Reading