Where Do We Go From Here When More Care is Not Better Care?

Where Do We Go From Here When More Care is Not Better Care?

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Health care seems to be getting more complicated, expensive, and unnecessary over time. In my youth it seemed that overdiagnosis and overtreatment weren’t much of a part of growing up for many people. Sounds like the “good old days” in some ways, I know. I think that sports, daily chores, school work, and many other activities all added up to a healthy lifestyle.

An integral component in my daily activities was a spiritual foundation developed from reading the Bible. The spiritual concept of being unlimited, as an idea of God that I found in that reading, was helpful in my activities.

As I grew up, I found developing a spiritual understanding of God allowed me to see how mental outlook and physical well-being were affected by thought. And I could directly access that well-being by maintaining that spiritual awareness. I relied heavily on the idea of being unlimited and I found that when I controlled my thinking, I was able to run for miles without feeling exhausted.

Health care is now being widely viewed in terms of taking control of your body, as research is also indicating. H. Gilbert Welch elaborated on the idea of taking control of one’s own health to combat overtreatment/overdiagnosis by writing, “For years now, people have been encouraged to look to medical care as the way to make them healthy. But that’s your job…Doctors might be able to help, but so might an author of a good cookbook, a personal trainer, a cleric, or a good friend.” And a spiritual foundation to take control of personal health may be just what is needed to stop the rise in overdiagnosis and overtreatment seen today.

Scientific findings, which indicate health is governed by thought and is affected by one’s spirituality and consciousness, allow for a change away from overdiagnosis. Mary Baker Eddy, an early health researcher, understood the importance of taking control of thought when she wrote, “…predicting of danger [disease] does not dignify life, whereas forecasting liberty and joy does; for these are strong promoters of health and happiness.” She found that spirituality and a personal relationship with God are key to good health.

In my own experience, health is best established by starting from a spiritual perspective and understanding that health is God-given, not something I have to engineer. An unlimited and always present God leads to the idea that the man God created is also actually unlimited. In school I found that a reliance on understanding this idea allowed me to break physical barriers. I saw heat exhaustion corrected by turning to this understanding of God, always present. This is only one example of how I was able to view myself spiritually – and find a healthier outlook on life. As more people bring a spiritual perspective to their health care, hopefully overtreatment and overdiagnosis will finally start to diminish.

Article first published in Blogcritics.

About the author

Don Ingwerson Don regularly blogs on health and spirituality and lives in Laguna Beach with his wife - both Christian Science practitioners. He brings his years serving the public in education to his work as a liaison of Christian Science, where he maintains contacts with the media and legislative offices.


  1. belle says

    A leading physician once shared his observations on medicine with me. He said, “After years of medical practice I have observed that the best medical treatment is the least medical treatment.”

  2. Evelyn Brookins says

    It is so freeing when we learn that we can choose to be active, joyful and caring for others. I have found it healthy to forget self and look outward and this has dispelled many an illness, or even the effects of accidents. We have an inner voice that can either be directed to a positive view or a negative one.

  3. Anne Hughes says

    Three different physicians were present at the arrivals of my children as we moved to different places. Each of them was blessed with an outlook that permitted simplicity and normalcy to prevail. One event took place in a hospital, one in the home of friends, and two in our own home. Christian Science nurses were present for the home births. As I look back, I give thanks for our freedom from over- intervention, and I recognize the effect of prayer to provide the harmony we experienced.

  4. RUBE says

    Thank you Don. I look forward to your positive and uplifting thoughts . We dwell upon the positive and true and not on the negative which has no power to limit us.

    To be able to perform and compete with the freedom and knowledge that you are
    perfect with no physical or mental limitations is the most exhilarating experience.

    Then we take that over into our everyday living. Sharing the love and protection
    that God affords us. Success and accomplishments just fall into place.

    Isn’t Life wonderful!?


  5. sue says

    Thank you Don for this encouraging article. Taking charge of our well being through relaying on spiritual inspiration and thoughtful prayer has proved extremely helpful to me. I am glad that more and more people are opening thought to see how our thinking and spiritual perspective is such an important influence for good and wellness. Choosing these ideas brings freedom from limitations and quick resolutions to physical challenges.

  6. Anne says

    First, I loved the idea you expressed “that health is God-given.” Starting from that premise, lifts the whole concept of our well-being to a higher level. And the experiences you shared are proof that a spiritual approach to health brings right results.

    I admire those in the medical field who are advocating better approaches to health care rather than the traditional training of over diagnosis, which can turn healthy people into patients.

    H. Gilbert Welch, a professor of medicine, has written a revealing piece, “If You Feel OK, Maybe You Are OK.” He asks an important question. [Is] “looking hard for things to be wrong a good way to promote health?”

    I’ve had two friends and a relative who were feeling fine, but went to a doctor for an early diagnosis. Two were shocked at the results, and both passed on within a month of their prognosis. The other one had surgery for prostate cancer immediately after the doctor diagnosed it, and this was followed by a diagnosis of diabetes. With other complications that resulted from a long radiation treatment, he ended up in a wheelchair. And before all this started, he felt fine and looked in good health. So this is proof of Welch’s statement about “turning people into patients.”

    One of my children appeared to have many symptoms of autism, and I chose to handle it with prayer rather than going the medical route. There were many signs of improvement, as I continued praying, and by the time she was ready for school, she was completely healed. If I had had her diagnosed, I would have been told there was no known cure for autism. I am eternally grateful that I stayed with prayer, because as Christ Jesus said, “Nothing is impossible to God.”

    Those in the medical field (and there’s more and more of them), who are discovering positive ways to help the public are to be commended for wanting to enlighten people about the best health care.

    Thank you for another important post.

  7. Pamela says

    I love the fact that when you were growing up you started your day by reading the Bible and I am sure you do that now also. I too began to read the Bible first thing in the morning to establish my day with God, my maker. Starting my day with God brought peace and a sense of calm to a hectic day when there was so much going on. I taught my children to start their day with reading the Bible Lesson given in the Christian Science Quarterly and the all thanked me when they were grown. They said it made all the difference in their lives.
    Thanks for this Blog Don and a big thank you to all of you who have responded.

  8. Diana U says

    an added bonus: You can not over-prayer, over-spirituality, and there are only good side effects!