How Can I Be Healthy?

How Can I Be Healthy?

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A guest post written by Elizabeth Nelson from San Diego, California

I have often pondered the importance of understanding health and how it is best achieved. Most health-conscious adults approach health by focusing on diet, physical exercise, sleep, medicine, and emotional well-being. All these factors are significant, but so far they have not solved the problem of healing disease.

Health professionals, religious thinkers, and many others continue to look deeper for answers. In “Why is Addressing Spirituality in Health Care Important?” the writer notes: “The good news is that research on religion, spirituality, and health is advancing as never before, even though most doctors are still not trained to talk to patients about these issues. The bad news is in the headlines every day: the health-care systems of the world are headed for troubled times, unless we find innovative solutions.”

I love to look at empirical evidence as proof of innovative health care solutions. Mary Baker Eddy is described as “an influential American author, teacher, and religious leader, noted for her groundbreaking ideas about spirituality and health.” Eddy writes, “Health is the consciousness of the unreality of pain and disease, or, rather, the absolute consciousness of harmony and nothing else.” This innovative view on the subject of health can be transformational – as I found during a healing I experienced early in my career.

I had become seriously ill with a tenacious case of the flu. It seemed to affect my physical senses – my eyes, ears, and sense of vitality. Although I studied to understand my unbroken connection with God, the sickness seemed to cling to me like an old garment. One day the Christian Science practitioner with whom I was working said, “God does not know it; you cannot have it; nor can you fear it.”

I wondered how that was true, since the entire world seemed to be thinking otherwise. But I knew that God’s all presence and all power made disease an impossibility. How could I, God’s beloved child, experience a condition unknown to God? Furthermore, how could I fear it? I thought about this and realized that I did not have this disease. Once I understood this, I was healed. I was grateful to find all fear and symptoms vanish as I went out on a whale watching cruise that weekend with a group of friends.

Finding the right health care solution may be as close as your next thought. “Patients and physicians have begun to realize the value of elements such as faith, hope, and compassion in the healing process.” I would add an additional component – understanding. Understanding that God’s spiritual power heals may be the most important catalyst in healing disease and gaining health.


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  1. Wendy Rose says

    Thank you, Liz, for these comforting and strong points about understanding clearly that our spiritual well being is in a realm wholly apart from what sometimes “the entire world seem[s] to be thinking otherwise.” Health is not a condition of matter or human opinions. Thanks for the assurance that we do not need to fear anything when in the presence of God, Divine Love, out of whose presence we can never stray. Hope you saw some whales!

  2. Elizabeth Anne Nelson says

    Thank you, Wendy. Yes I remember it well–plenty of whales that day with the
    Principia Club. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Pamela says

    Thanks Wendy, it is important in today’s world to continue searching for better answers for health and well-being. As a student of Christian Science I have found prayer to be the best answer for me. I think as more doctors work with the whole patient they too will see and recognize the benefits of prayer.

  4. Rhonda says

    Yes, there has to be a better solution than the present health care system. In caring for a family member, I recently experienced firsthand the perils of this system. When it is revitalized by more “Patients and physicians beg(inning) to realize the value of elements such as faith, hope, and compassion in the healing process” it will be a better system. I have found the effects of prayer on my health and well being tangible and effective. (=

  5. marsha says

    Thank you, “One thought away” should keep us thinking on the side of God.

  6. Anne Hughes says

    I was heartened to read in the latest AARP Bulletin, July-August 2014 an item “Spiritual Support Just a Click Away,” about a website called Chaplains on Hand, offering 24/7 spiritual support to anyone, regardless of beliefs. This is a good sign that people are waking up to the importance of spirituality to stay healthy. Thank you for your post!