Promoting Health Through Spanish Outreach

Promoting Health Through Spanish Outreach

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by Don Ingwerson

Health discussions abound in the media and in the community. Our Southern California community is no exception –  and promoting the idea that health is not a condition of matter is not limited to the English-speaking media. In fact, the Committee on Publication has been reaching out to Spanish media contacts to share this idea. Recently I was asked to write a couple of Q&As for La Opinion, which (according to Wikipedia) is the largest Spanish-language newspaper in the United States and second-most read newspaper in Los Angeles. Here is my latest Q&A as published in the La Opinion paper, and the original in English:

Estoy teniendo problemas de salud y constantemente me siento estresado. ¿Qué puedo hacer?

Respuesta de Ingwerson. El estrés afecta la capacidad natural del cuerpo auto repararse, lo cual nos ayuda a mantener la salud del corazón, a luchar en contra del cáncer y de infecciones, etc Aunque la dieta, inactividad, malos hábitos y no dormir suficiente están relacionados con la mala salud, los pensamientos que tiene cuando está estresado también promueven enfermedades. Usted tiene el poder para controlar sus pensamientos, creencias y sentimientos. Calma sus pensamientos, creencias y sentimientos y puede esperar mejores resultados. Usted tiene el poder para ayudar a que su cuerpo regrese a un estado en el que se repara a sí mismo.

¿Incorporar los valores espirituales pueden ayudar en la recuperación de la adicción?

Respuesta de Ingwerson: Las adicciones son una preocupación en todas las comunidades en Estados Unidos. En el pasado, trabajé para Los Angeles Times Boys Club, en el Este de Los Angeles, a donde transportaba a niños y niñas de barrioslatinos a otras áreas para expandirles su visión del mundó. Los mismos elementos que encontré durante ese trabajo puede ser lo limita la efectividad de los programas tradicionales de recuperación. Integración los valores culturales latinos a la vida familiar como el papel de las personas mayores y agregando la religión y la espiritualidad, el éxito se puede ser alcanzado. Mary Baker Eddy en sus escritos sobre el valor de salud escribió: “la salud no es una condición de la materia, sino de la mente.”

Q: I’m having health problems and I continually feel stressed. What can I do?

A: It would be difficult to find someone who hasn’t had to deal with a stressful situation. We’ve heard from researchers and clinicians of the fight-or-flight response commonly attributed to stress, which affects health. How? It turns off the body’s natural self-repair mechanisms (which help maintain heart health, fight cancer and infection, and hold off symptoms of aging). While poor diet, inactivity, bad habits, and sleep deprivation are all linked to poor health, the thoughts you entertain when you are stressed are just as disease promoting.

Your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are under your control. Calm thoughts, beliefs, and feelings where you expect good outcomes can lead to effective stress responses. You have the power to control your thoughts, returning the body to the health-inducing state that activates natural self-repair.

Each individual must find a way to combat stress, the underlying factor in many diseases. As two health researchers, Mary Baker Eddy and Lissa Rankin discovered, health begins in thought, and we can all learn to find that peace in thought that reduces, even overcomes, stress.

Q: Would incorporating spiritual values into addiction lead to more recovery success?

A: Addiction is a concern in every community in America. At one point in my career, I worked for the Los Angeles Times Boys Club in East LA, where I transported boys and girls from Latino communities to other areas to give them an expanded view of differing lifestyles. The same elements that I encountered during that job may be what are limiting the effectiveness of traditional recovery programs. But by integrating Latino cultural family values like the role of older family members in the family and the reliance on religion and spirituality into recovery, success may be more widely achieved. Mary Baker Eddy, an early writer on the inclusion of spiritual values in health, wrote – “Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind; nor can the material senses bear reliable testimony on the subject of Health.”

About the author

Don Ingwerson Don regularly blogs on health and spirituality and lives in Laguna Beach with his wife - both Christian Science practitioners. He brings his years serving the public in education to his work as a liaison of Christian Science, where he maintains contacts with the media and legislative offices.


  1. Diana U says

    This is great! I appreciate your reaching out to the Spanish community. Would we all do more! Thanks Don!

  2. Pamela says

    Wonderful. So happy you are including the Spanish community, they are a cherished part of our community.

  3. Mary Lou MacKenzie says

    I’m so very glad that we are including our Hispanic brothers and sisters.