Forgiveness can Bring Love and Peace – Both Health-giving Qualities

© GLOW IMAGES Models used for illustrative purposes

© GLOW IMAGES Models used for illustrative purposes

by Don Ingwerson

I’ve written about the spiritual qualities that promote and maintain health, and forgiveness is one of my favorites. Some people practice forgiveness almost unconsciously, while others seem hard-pressed to forgive even the smallest slight. But forgiveness is something that all of us can develop and strengthen. The benefits are endless. Peace is found, love is cultivated, and health is promoted. I saw a tweet the other day that May 5th is the start of a 30-day Forgiveness Challenge that Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter, Mpho Tutu, are leading. Maybe this challenge isn’t for you, but everyone benefits when forgiveness is practiced in our communities and around the world. To check out the challenge, click here: The Forgiveness Challenge

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Don Ingwerson Don regularly blogs on health and spirituality and lives in Laguna Beach with his wife - both Christian Science practitioners. He brings his years serving the public in education to his work as a liaison of Christian Science, where he maintains contacts with the media and legislative offices.


  1. Evelyn Brookins says

    Learning to forgive is the most freeing process one could have – including forgiving ourselves. What burdens are lifted! It’s like having a clean and sparkly home or car! It’s a pleasant place to live. Guests are welcome, hospitality a joy! It’s definitely something to smile about.

  2. Anne Hughes says

    Thanks for the link, Don. I just signed up. This connects with our Christian Science Bible Lesson this week that emphasizes mercy. The changes in South Africa are proof that forgiveness is effective and life-preserving.

  3. Adrienne says

    It certainly follows the teachings of Jesus who was able to forgive from the cross! Thank you also for the link and the post, Forgiveness, bringing a key to healing today.

  4. Mary Lou MacKenzie says

    Practicing forgiveness! Not always easy, but so rewarding. Thanks for the message.

  5. Pamela says

    Forgiveness isn’t easy. I’ve heard people say,”Oh I’ve forgiven him but I won’t ever forget” and that my friends is not forgiveness. If you cannot truly forget what made you angry, upset or hurt then you have not really forgiven. Forgiving is also forgetting.

    I had a friend whose son got married and didn’t invite his mom to the wedding. They had had a huge fight several years before and bitter words were spoken. He was angry about the situation and was going to get back at her so didn’t invite her to his wedding. When she found out he got married, she was crushed. Several years later when they finally made up she told me she was going to ask him why? I told her not to do that. I said, “Why would you want him to remember all that bad stuff again. Its over and done with and you are back in his life. Do you actually want him to remember all that anger and resentment all over again? ” She realized I was correct and so has never asked him that question. They have a wonderful relationship now and she is a happy grandmother.

    Sometimes we think we need to know the reason for anger or resentment or why someone treated us a certain way, but that is never a good idea. We need to love one another. If Christ Jesus could forgive those who put him on the cross then there is nothing that I cannot forgive. Sometimes we may feel like the situation is a heavy cross to bear but no one has nailed us to it . I love how Christ Jesus forgave the woman taken in adultry. When all her accusers left the scene and Jesus asked her “Hath no man condemned thee” and she answered, “No man Lord.” He didn’t just forgive her, he lifted her thought to where she could see her purity as a child of God and then told her to go forward and not look back but to go and not repeat this mistake anymore. Isn’t that what we do when we see a mistake whether our own or others, we just fogive ourselves as well as the other person. This is what Mary Baker Eddy describes as “Love reflected in love.”

    Thanks Don for this posting. It really made me think about the importance of forgiving. I have taken the pledge.