Revealing the Christ Brings Healing

Revealing the Christ Brings Healing

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A guest post written by Katherine Kilgore Paine from Long Beach, California

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was an all-purpose remedy for every ill – with no side effects, at hand and reliable? There is: the healing Christ as taught and demonstrated by Christ Jesus.

This Christ (or Truth – one of the synonyms for God I find helpful) is always scientific and consistent. It is rooted in law and gives each of us dominion over material beliefs. This Christ embraces us with love, restores vitality, and blesses with harmony. Listening to Christ’s direction allows healing ideas to be received. I’ve had two great healings in college that were the basis for many more in my life by listening to Christ’s direction.

The first college experience was when I was looking forward to dinner and a movie with friends, but it soon became clear that I couldn’t go. I felt sick and miserable. I called a Christian Science practitioner, who shared with great enthusiasm a quote from Mary Baker Eddy, “God’s being is infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss.” I felt the truth of her words and gratitude toward God. Then I felt the pain immediately leave me like smoke floating up into the air. Joyfully I joined my friends for the evening, continuing to silently express gratitude for this healing.

The second college lesson was in learning to rely on God (or the one Mind) when dealing with the stress and strain from studying. I had been accustomed to getting good grades in high school, but through willpower and a sense of perfectionism that made me and everyone else in my family miserable. But in college I realized that the one who made the test, the one taking the test, and the one grading the test reflected one Mind. Studying became calm and purposeful. Here was a way for me to joyously glorify God in expressing cogent ideas, and I maintained a high GPA with joy and gratitude instead of worry and misery.

Healing, then, is not using “good” matter to heal “bad” matter. It is not “positive thinking,” making sick bodies or bad circumstances into healthy bodies and good circumstances. It is not willpower or hypnotism. Healing is revealing. It is the revealing of the ever-present and demonstrable Christ, Truth – of what is eternally true about God and each of us. And it is as close as your next thought!

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  1. Molly Byers says

    How great to waken this morning to your truths tenderly told! I, too, have been relying on this same Christ presence for healing over 55 years with no medicines in all those years. Never have I failed to be healed. Some healings have been instantaneous, one took 7 years, but always there has been healing. One might ask where did I find out about this healing Christ? My answer is from a book on spiritual healing entitled SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES by Mary Baker Eddy found in most libraries and bookstores. How grateful I am that Jesus came to teach us about this healing Christ! And grateful to you for sharing it.

  2. Belle says

    College kids don’t know what they’re missing when they have no spiritual resources to go to…or think they don’t.

  3. Evelyn Brookins says

    Thank you for letting us know that human perfectionism is not necessarily a virtue. Letting the spiritual and divine lead us, and yielding to the infinite power of good – operating constantly, every day – is a solid foundation for enjoying unlimited possibilities.

  4. Mary Lou MacKenzie says

    Glad you brought out the getting good grades is not a matter of will-power, but of the knowing that comes from one Mind.

  5. Pamela says

    Thanks Katherine, I am so grateful for that clear explanation about how healing works. When I pray as taught in Christian Science it is not to make something change or to try to make something true, it is to reveal what is and always has been true. Christ Jesus showed us by his example and told us with his words what we need to be doing to heal. He said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;” (Matt 6:33) and he also gave us the two most important commendments, that of loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves. When we follow these commands and seek God first and foremost for guidance, everything we need will be revealed to us, including healing.

  6. Rhonda Turvey says

    Thank you Katherine. I too found the healing Christ to be invaluable in my college years and since then! One year in college I found a computer science course to be very challenging. I did my homework with outside help but still wasn’t able to make sense of it all. When finals came, I studied the best I could and then prayed as taught in Christian Science, leaning on the divine Mind (God) for help. It turned out I was one of three that got 100 % on the exam. I understood for the first time how to write a computer program (50% of the exam!) and how valuable it is to rely on God. (=

  7. Anne says

    I agree with Diana. “Revealing” is the key word in these wonderful healings. I love its definition: to draw back the veil. And it was done with solid proof of its validity.

    Thank you for sharing these experiences.

  8. Marsha says

    This must be what the Bible means when it says, “Awake thou that sleepest” awake to how God already made you, perfect. “Shake off the dust”, wake up to the fact that you are not matter but a manifestation of the Perfect One, no stress to getting there.

  9. Anne Hughes says

    “Infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss” (Mary Baker Eddy)is God’s being, so it is our being. I felt the power of that as I read it. Great to know it is always true. Thank you!