Are You Prepared to Not Be Fooled?

Are You Prepared to Not Be Fooled?


A guest post written by Susan Berry from Cambria, California

Can we be fooled on April 1st? Probably not, because we know it’s coming and we’re prepared.

But what about on other days of the year? With the bombardment of information coming at us every day, how do we handle the constant stream of news, opinions, and warnings? It can feel like we’re standing in a rainstorm, a downpour. Don’t we at least need a good strong umbrella to open out and shield us while we decide what to do?

The “shield” I have found useful in times of need to gain peace of mind, is the knowledge that I can turn to God for answers. As a Christian Scientist, I have used this trust in God, which is based on a lifetime of successfully overcoming challenges.

Since childhood, my needs have been answered. When I was old enough to phone a Christian Science Practitioner for treatment, I found that often by the time I hung up the phone I was completely free of the physical complaint that I had called about.

The description of a Practitioner on the website states: “Christian Science Practitioners provide spiritual treatment through prayer that results in healing – which includes the resolution of relationship or financial difficulties, physical cure and transformed lives. Treatment is based on the Bible and the principles explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, including the idea that there is one, all-good God, who loves and cares for us.”

In some cases challenges seem insurmountable. But what these challenges all have in common is that they aren’t what they appeared to be. Like what people see and hear on April Fool’s Day, just an illusion. For example, in college a pain that gripped my entire body from head to toe woke me. The pain seemed to prevent me from calling for help. The words “God loves me” flooded my thought. I thought about the reality of those words, and before long the pain just washed away, leaving me completely at peace. The circumstance had apparently included a very high fever, because the bed sheets were completely damp. Once healed, I never had the problem return. This was the first healing I experienced without any “outside” help. Just God, my Father-Mother, and me. I think of this wonderful healing often when the need to find solutions comes up.

During April Fool’s Day and every day of the year, I am reminded to ask the all-important question: “Can I ever really be fooled?”

Article previously published April 3, 2012

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  1. Adrienne says

    Great Post! A reminder to always keep alert to SMOG or see more of God and not be taken in by false information. Thanks for writing .. especially from your beautiful part of our state!

  2. Dan Miller says

    Great post, and very timely. My wife is a fourth grade teacher and the kids love to catch everyone in an April Fool’s trick and they are sweet but most are ready for it for like you said “we’re prepared.” When reading the post I thought of the song The Who made famous…..”I Won’t be Fooled Again” and is the theme song for the CSI t.v. show. So thanks again and let us all not be fooled again or for that matter not fooled in the first place.

  3. says

    Nicely put, firstly that we do need to be alert, secondly that we can turn to God, our Father-Mother, for answers to every kind of problem.

  4. Pamela says

    Thanks, this was a great reminder about how to be alert all the time not just on April Fool’s Day. I so appreciate this message and will continue to strive to not be fooled by anyone or anything. Turning to our heavenly Father-Mother, God for guidance has always kept me on the straight and narrow and I know it will continue to do so.

  5. Rhonda says

    Thank you so much for this thought: “In some cases challenges seem insurmountable. But what these challenges all have in common is that they aren’t what they appeared to be. Like what people see and hear on April Fool’s Day, just an illusion.” I will try to remember that, when challenges seem so difficult. Much appreciation for the blog. (=

  6. Elaine Hair says

    loved thinking about C.S. as a umbrella where we are protected from all problems.
    Thank you.