Need A Boost? Take These Tips

Need A Boost? Take These Tips

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Here in Southern California we are always looking for a fresh approach to our health concerns. My colleague Steve Salt of Ohio offers some helpful tips as a guest columnist for The Herald-Star in which he writes how the quality of thought affects the quality of life and points to evidence of researchers studying this phenomenon.

I needed a breather, but the Starbucks was crammed. All I wanted was a smoothie, but I was weary about the long wait. I live just a couple of blocks from the coffee house, which does a booming business, especially in the morning when everyone is looking for that quick jolt to rev them up to speed.

Leave or stay? It took me a few seconds, but I succumbed to my desire and got in line. I couldn’t help but hear the conversations around me, which were comprised of sharing doubts about the demanding work week, retirement and numerous health worries.

The intricacies of daily living, including the periods of ill health we experience seem an unavoidable consequence of the human experience – and can get us down. Unfortunately, there is nothing on the menu board that permanently sweetens life’s burdens.

But did you ever stop to think that it isn’t the caffeine imbibed or the sugar consumed that gives you the push you feel? To read Steve’s whole article click here.


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  1. Adrienne says

    Thank you for sharing the research on “right thinking” or being kind to yourself and accentuating the positive and putting down the negative in thought that affects the body! Its like asking yourself ..”Do I want to be blessed or cursed?” Practice being blessed and live! Thanks again for the article.

  2. Robin says

    A refreshing and thoughtful take on how we, well, get refreshed! I read the whole article and enjoyed the research it cites.

  3. Mary Lou MacKenzie says

    I’m glad you included spirituality in the list of ideas. I know that it makes a big difference in my outlook on life.

  4. Dan Miller says

    I really enjoyed the article, with its positive expectation to counter act various undesirable symptoms And the reference of the Biblical proverb “For as he thinketh in his heart so is he” reminds me too of the Doobie Brothers song….”What a fool believes….he sees” Thanks

  5. says

    Wonderful article thanks for sharing it. I loved the Bible quote because I believe it is true, “For as (we) thinketh in (our) heart so are (we)” Be aware of what you are thinking and make sure it is not negative. Like MaryLou I am glad you included spirituality also. Spirituality and Prayer are my life jackets in the sea of human consciousness. They keep me from sinking. Thanks again.

  6. sue says

    Thank you Steve for this enlightening article. I read the complete article and it is refreshing and uplifting to see research confirming that the expectation of good helps ones outlook and health. Many times I have reminded myself that good/God is with me each moment of the day which has helped restore and uplift my thought when it has been challenged by negative thoughts or ideas trying to present themselves as facts. I have shared a more positive and uplifting outlook with others too along the way which has helped friends and acquaintances find more calmness and peace. Friends and colleagues have done the same for me too! The Golden Rule in action!