Healing Addiction by Filling the Spiritual Vacuum

Healing Addiction by Filling the Spiritual Vacuum

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A guest post written by Robert Moran from Goleta, California

For the past several years I have had the opportunity to work with troubled college students as a part-time counselor. Being an active Christian Scientist for nearly forty years, I have come to understand how spiritual principles supersede all other healing methods – including in the field of addiction. Most of the students I work with have been cited for being a minor in possession. As a first-offense diversionary tactic they have been sentenced to examine their relationship with drugs and alcohol by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Students sentenced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for these minor law infractions are usually told that they need to admit they are powerless over alcohol and/or drugs if they are to get any help from AA. They also must come to understand that addiction is an incurable illness, which will haunt them their entire lives.

But recently I read a wonderful article by Tony Lobl that clearly gave a higher view of man as untouched by addiction. Like Tony, I have learned through experience that an individual’s addiction is merely a symptom of an underlying spiritual vacuum. But someone can only perceive a seeming spiritual vacuum if s/he hasn’t gained a deeper understanding of man’s relationship to God as taught in Christian Science. Luckily AA readily admits on pg. 164 (the last page of their textbook) that they know only a little and that God will disclose more to them if their relationship to God is right. Mary Baker Eddy teaches us that God is all-powerful and that there can be no disease when we understand our relationship to the Divine. Each Christian Scientist would do the field of addiction a huge push forward if we support this idea in relation to addiction. Let us keep any perceived spiritual vacuum filled with the knowledge and understanding of God’s powerful healing ideas.

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    • BarbaranMaine says

      Addictions of all sorts should be noted here such as addiction to food, sensuality, gambling of all kinds, pornography, tobacco, and others all point to a feeling that one is not fulfilled in some way. God is the source of man’s needs and supplies whatever is needed to help anyone turning to the All powerful, loving God. Love hears even the quietest voice.. Open the door and talk to God and you will not be disappointed. The Father is waiting and will run to each one who asks like the Father did in the prodigal story. WE are each God’s child being loved beyond words. I am grateful to learn AA mentions God’s power in the last line of their textbook. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy helps us learn about that Love that is our being.

  1. Evelyn, Laguna Hills says

    Even though addictions seem to take many different forms, we can grow out of them with a deeper understanding of our nearness to the divine – our spiritual identity. Powerful subject today.

  2. Adrienne Skoczylas says

    Good to see a “Post” on this subject as addiction seems to be a problem for many people today, whether drugs, alcohol, food or even technology! Comforting to know that infinite Love is always with us to encourage, guide and sustain us. I love what Christian Science teaches on this subject! Thank you for writing.

  3. says

    What a nice reminder that we can always go to the higher level and fill that spiritual vacuum, no matter what the form of the addiction might be.

  4. Leah Eselgroth Gold says

    I love this article Don, thank you posting it. As I read this, I was reminded of two ideas that always helped me begin the healing of addictive behaviors. The first is from Mary Baker Eddy: “Conscious worth satisfies the hungry heart, and nothing else can.” The concept of a vacuum can equate to a hungry heart that is never satisfied. The other idea comes from the Bible in Isaiah: “the garment of praise FOR the spirit of heaviness’. In the past, when struggling with a weight problem, this passage jumped off the page. Because I saw it as a spiritual counterfact to the claim of overweight. That we reflect and embody ‘the garment of praise’ and this can dissolve any spirit of heaviness we may be experiencing. The first day I realized this fact, I affirmed it all the way to work, in the car. Throughout that day, quite out of the blue, several staff members would come over to me and compliment me. I was trying to figure out why this was happening when I remembered my morning prayer, affirming that I reflect God’s garment of praise……I share this so you too, can experience this rightful recognition and further feel your true worth and value as God’s child. Your conscious worth……..which includes His garment of praise.

  5. Belle says

    A former alcoholic shared with me that she had been thru many treatment centers to no avail but when a Christian Science practitioner stated simply, “You’re not an alcoholic” it woke her up and she realized for the first time, she wasn’t…and went on to lead a productive life alcohol free.

  6. Mary Ellen Blanton says

    Thank you for this healing message. Filling all space with Truth and Love annihilates the mesmerism of addiction. I am seeing this allness for a young man seemingly addicted to video games. Your blog was most helpful!
    Mary Ellen

  7. Kathy says

    Excellent article. I tried to quit smoking marijuana and other drugs for years and at the same time I was on a spiritual quest. It wasn’t until I read Science and Health that I broke free of the addiction, but it wasn’t that I did it at all, it was the truth that made me free. I loved the new understanding of God that Science and Health gave me and this caused all desire for drugs to fall away without any effort on my part. This article clearly states what happened in my experience. Thanks so much!!!!

  8. Elizabeth D. says

    Thank you so much for sharing these very helpful ideas. Everyone has a divine right to be free from addictions of any kind, and God’s ever present love does make this possible. I like to remind myself that God is continually speaking to each one of us in a way that we can understand and respond to, and He gives us the strength and ability to think and do what is good, and drop what is not. Every day is a clean slate, a fresh view, and we expect progress!

  9. Shirley Cornelius says

    Thanks so much for your ideas on healing addiction. I’ve seen the helplessness that people feel when dealing with alcohol addiction. But when we establish our relationship to God, then we will find that God is in control of our lives and that addictions hold no power over us. God is the only power.

  10. Mimi Mork says

    How wonderful to know the secret to successful social work. The standard methods are tragically ineffective. Thank you for your wonderful article.

  11. Elizabeth S. says

    Thank you for sharing these spiritual foundational solutions to a problem that is widespread.