2014 ACA Decision Flow Chart for Christian Scientists

This is the year that the Affordable Care Act takes effect, and I thought this flow chart from the Federal Office might help anyone needing some guidance on insurance. This information is found here: 2014 ACA decision flow chart for Christian Scientists.

Beginning in 2014, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), virtually all Americans will need to have a medical health insurance plan that meets federal requirements, or pay a tax penalty. So, like other Americans, Christian Scientists must think through their options under the ACA and how to comply with the law.

Looking for some guidance as you think through your options regarding the health care reform law in 2014? Check out this flow chart we’ve created for informational purposes (the Church does not provide legal advice).

If you don’t have qualifying or any coverage and would like to purchase a plan, you can visit your state’s online health insurance marketplace to see what your options are and enroll.

You may also want to check out our ACA FAQs and ACA Resources page.

ACA flow chart

Links found in the chart

General information about the ACA: healthcare.gov

Information about the penalty for not having qualifying coverage: http://bit.ly/13Beo2R

Information about Medicare, including your enrollment status: medicare.gov

Information about subsidies and the financial hardship exemption: healthcare.gov/exemptions/

The Church does not provide legal advice. This page is for informational purposes only.

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  1. says

    Thanks Don, this is really important. I will share at my membership meeting and make sure all our members know about their options and choices. Will also share with some friends who I don’t think really know what to do about ACA.

  2. Patty Hirsch says

    The flow chart clearly reminds me of Alice in Wonderland: North is that way, no its this way, etc etc.! I’m under medicare but truly I know I am ONLY under God’s omnipotent, loving care …Period.

  3. Rube says

    Thank you so much. Those e mail links are so valuable so I can assist friends and
    family members.

  4. says

    Thank you, Don. The graphical presentation illustrates in a simple way, a very complex system. I can use this to explain
    the process to my Human Resources professional associates and church members.