Positive Signs of Improved Health in the US

Positive Signs of Improved Health in the US

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Improving health is a continuing goal here in Southern California as well as across the country and around the world. My colleague, Russ Gerber, gives a focused look at where health is today in the US, and the importance of continuing to share and pray about the idea that health is not a condition of matter:

For several years now, US Committees have been thinking, praying, conversing, and writing on one subject: health. A single headline in USA Today about a just-released study & ranking tells a story we should all pay attention to: USA’s health is improving.

It’s no surprise that the improved health picture is attributed to things such as increased physical activity, better dietary choices, less smoking, and so forth. No where does the report say that people are suddenly acknowledging Mind as the source of health! (Not yet, anyway).

But make no mistake: your devotion of thought to the correct view of health and to helping the public see the connection of that to Christian Science, is providing valuable assistance to a waiting and watching public. Committees throughout the world are going arm-in-arm in a similar direction, liberating the public from a helpless, materialistic mindset.

In her article ‘A Timely Issue,’ Mary Baker Eddy voiced concern over the harm caused by repeated descriptions of disease and suffering being carried to the public by the media. She felt it should be counteracted by Christian Science, but warned that the good that would do may not be attributed to metaphysics.

“Oftentimes we are denied the results of our labors because people do not understand the nature and power of metaphysics, and they think that health and strength would have returned naturally without any assistance. This is not so much from a lack of justice, as it is that the mens populi is not sufficiently enlightened on this great subject. More thought is given to material illusions than to spiritual facts.”

Your corrective work is helping to counteract that mentality, and to enlighten the public regarding the real, spiritual source of health and happiness. Thank you for what you’ve accomplished in this direction, and for what more you will accomplish. It means a lot to the world and, according to her writings, it unquestionably meant a great deal to Mrs. Eddy:

“If we can aid in abating suffering and diminishing sin, we shall have accomplished much; but if we can bring to the general thought this great fact that drugs do not, cannot, produce health and harmony, since “in Him [Mind] we live, and move, and have our being,” we shall have done more.”

Merry Christmas to each of you as 2013 comes to a close. Onward and upward as 2014 prepares for liftoff.

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  1. Anne Hughes says

    Wow! All you have to do is listen to the TV or radio news to find out that recent research has proven useless and maybe dangerous some of the common ways that people have tried to preserve their health: vitamins, antibacterial soaps and sprays, specific treatments for ailments in seniors. I heard a heartening description of a group of people giving palliative care, where the patient is informed, and the patient decides what they wish to do, rather than being directed into costly, even painful treatments laid on by the “experts.”

    Starting with Mind as the source of health and specific treatment has been effective and comforting in my experience. We can pray for others who have sought help from other remedies to see that, while they were not helped, they also can’t be hurt, because God, divine Love, is the only power, and that Love is always loving each one of us.

  2. Ollie Buckley says

    When Mrs. Eddy’s “sacred revelations” (that is the language of the By-laws) are read in public, their authorship must be named. The By-laws twice command this, therefore we mention it twice, to be fair.