Boomers Are Asking: What’s Next?

Boomers Are Asking: What's Next?

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My colleague Russ Gerber took a stab at answering this question in a terrific article published on July 28, 2013, for Psychology Today that I think is worth checking out. Here’s an excerpt, and there’s a link below to the full text.

Picture 79-million people, from Manhattan to Monterey, all with the same basic question on their mind— what’s coming? They’re the baby boomers, and according to Penguin Books Editor and Vice President Mitch Horowitz, this is a red-hot question for them.

I was in New York visiting Horowitz last year and noticed on his desk a copy of Dr. Eben Alexander’s best-seller ‘Proof of Heaven.’ I asked him what he thought of the book and although he hadn’t read it yet he said the subject matter’s soaring popularity wasn’t at all surprising to him. “Why,” I asked? “Boomers,” he said. “They all want to know what the afterlife is like.”

Read the rest of the article in Psychology Today.

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  1. Diana U says

    I read that book too out of curiosity. Russ made me laugh when he compared heaven and hell to Disneyland! But it is true that we experience both in this life of ours. A good way to find heaven more consistently is to turn to God in every act and thought. What would You have me do, God? What are You thinking about that?

  2. Mary Lou MacKenzie says

    Thank you, Don, for sharing Russ Gerber’s thought provoking article. It was very well written.

  3. Chuck says

    That is an outstanding article by Russ. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Don. The Kingdom of Heaven is truly within us as Jesus taught.

  4. Judy says

    How delightful to see such an insightful article printed in a widely respected publication. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. sue says

    This article helps everyone to seek the kingdom of heaven now and to be alert to seek and find it on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing this idea in a simple and insightful way.

  6. Anne says

    This was a most interesting blog. The boomers are a huge group, and to learn that they “ache for enlightenment” gives encouragement to all of us. As that yearning spreads, it can include every group and who knows, it might just sweep the nation and bring a needed compatibility to our citizens.

    This piece was well written, and the last sentence is a gem. “Heaven’s been here all along.” What a great insight.

    Thank you so much.