God’s Redirection of Thought

God's Redirection of Thought


A guest post written by Bill Priest

My son is a 20-year journeyman painter and recently joined a network of artists and tradesmen. He is quite proud of his work and was eager to please the first individual he started working for after joining the network. He was to paint a woman’s home, which hadn’t been painted in a number of years, so it needed a lot of prep work before the power washing, priming, puttying, and painting could be done.

My son worked five twelve-hour days back to back with a crew of two painters, but the woman said she was not happy with the work. She requested that my son come back three times and do little things she felt needed to be done.

While he was working for this woman, he noticed the unkind way she treated her children and her dog, and the unkind things she said to his assistant and to him. He was tempted to lose his temper, especially after the woman cursed the master painter’s wife in front of their three-year-old son, but he held his peace. The woman then refused to pay him and berated his work.

I asked him to let me help resolve this problem through prayer and he agreed, even though he isn’t a Christian Scientist.

I found myself praying that this woman’s heart would melt and that her conscience would direct her to pay my son for all the wonderful labor and painting he had provided for her.

While this was going on, the president of the network of craftsmen went over to the house in question, and observed quality work throughout. He then had a meeting with the woman, who refused to budge an inch, saying that she wasn’t satisfied.

After another conversation with my son, I realized where I had gone wrong in my prayers. I didn’t want to change a material way of thinking by others. Instead I needed to see God’s perfect man, and the perfect expression of man through labor, conversation, action, and pure motives. I also didn’t need to see this woman as a source of supply, because God is the only source of supply.

A week later my son confessed to me that even though this woman hadn’t paid him for his work, he never lost his temper. He said he had only love for her.

For the last three weeks, he has been busy painting swimming pools instead of houses, making people extremely happy with his work, and money has never again been an issue. He is so happy he can’t see straight. And being happy is the foundation for good health.

Moses gave us the law, Jesus showed us the way, and Mary Baker Eddy presented us with the Love, Spirit, and simplicity of healing and the steps to take toward our oneness with God. With God all things are possible.

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  1. Anne says

    This blog radiates a wonderful mental fortitude in the face of a difficult personal problem. What I loved was the fact that the painter kept his own poise and peaceful thoughts without letting another person disturb him,

    This story is a great reminder of the courage that’s needed to maintain equalibrium in trying situations.

    Thank you.

  2. Anne Hughes says

    Thank you so much! NO one can really take away our joy or supply, because they are gifts from God. Your lovely post restored my joy today.