Bills Move Forward While Others Stall

Bills Move Forward While Others Stall


by Don Ingwerson

Friday, May 31st was the deadline in the legislature for bills to pass in their house of origin. Although some bills have special measures that mean they don’t have to abide by this rule, almost all bills do. I thought a legislative update on the bills that have passes and that have stalled may be helpful to you. None of the bills listed are bills of interest to our work at this time.

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About the author

Don Ingwerson Don regularly blogs on health and spirituality and lives in Laguna Beach with his wife - both Christian Science practitioners. He brings his years serving the public in education to his work as a liaison of Christian Science, where he maintains contacts with the media and legislative offices.


  1. Evelyn Brookins says

    And can we be knowing that there is a power that is wholly good – shepherding the right ideas and bringing to nought the one that can do no good? Our forefathers, in framing our form of government, understood the need for constant prayerful vigilance. Thanks for being the vanguard in this.

  2. Pamela says

    Thanks Evelyn and thanks Don for being on top of these issues for us. God is on the field and He will bring forth the right action.

  3. Anne Hughes says

    Thank you for helping us to be alert about what is going on in our government. Our legislators deserve our supportive prayer as they work for us.