6 Simple Things – Help Fill An Empty Heart

6 Simple Things - Help Fill An Empty Heart


A guest post written by Keith Wommack, a syndicated columnist and  legislative advocate for spiritual healing in Texas

Do’s and don’ts to regain the joy of life.

1) Stop being critical. Criticism closes your eyes to the good that has always been yours. Critical states of thought lead to critical mistakes, as well as cause critical states of the body.

2) Stop keeping score. It is not what others do but how much divine goodness you express that will ultimately satisfy you.

3) Stop trying to prove you are right. Instead of telling others you are right and they are wrong, live what is right and your life will begin to sparkle.

4) Start forgiving. Forgiveness means starting over with love. It wipes the slate clean. Forgive yourself and others. Forgiving others is about your peace of mind, not about absolving someone else’s responsibility for wrongdoing.

5) Be grateful. Be grateful for everything good in your relationships and in your home. Gratitude completes the circuit in healing. It awakens you to the magnitude of your divine life. Pain and gratitude are incompatible.

6) Be honest. Honesty allows you to be at peace, even in the middle of unrest. It keeps you strong. “Honesty is spiritual power. Dishonesty is human weakness, which forfeits divine help.” (Mary Baker Eddy – Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures)

– Keith Wommack is a Syndicated Columnist, Christian Science practitioner and teacher, husband, and step-dad. He has been described as a spiritual spur (since every horse needs a little nudge now and then). Keith’s columns originate at: KeithWommack.com

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  1. Tracy says

    There are some great tips in here, Keith! I especially love #5, being grateful. At the end of each day, as I’m getting ready for bed, I think of five things I’m grateful for. It helps keep me present in the moment and open to even more blessings in my life from God.

  2. Susan says

    Each and every one of these tips is great – and reminds me that I have a lot to work on. Thanks Keith for putting these down so concisely!

  3. Pamela says

    Thanks Keith, those are 6 very important things to do daily and I would add a 7th – do something kind each day for someone else. It can be a friend, a relative or even a stranger. Putting our selves out for others also brings joy to us.

    • Noie says

      Thank you for this list – a “spiritual spur” once in awhile is a good thing. Helps you mentally sit up a little straighter, love a little more, and genuinely smile at those around you.

  4. Anne says

    These are excellent points to live by and can definitely keep the joy in one’s daily life. The best thing about them is, if they’re sincerely embraced, the results do help to fill an empty heart.

    Thank you.

  5. Belle says

    I love the simplicity of the 6 suggestions….things we innately know but need to be reminded of….

  6. Rhonda says

    My first thought about this blog was “What we can do to help fill someone else’s empty heart.” But then I saw how doing these things will help fill MY empty heart. Such a nice thought…both of them. <3