A Mind Already Full

A Mind Already Full

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A guest post written by Evelyn Brookins

I recently saw a video blog by Eric Bashor, Christian Science Health News Briefing, about how psychiatrists have concluded that the fear of disease is itself a disease. What I found thought provoking was the source of our fear of disease, which led me to recall being carefully taught in school about germs and infections. We were given some medicines – or perhaps food supplements – that were intended to ward off certain diseases. This education continued with much talk about the ill effects of contagion and the importance of proper sanitation.

While I certainly support cleanliness as a contributor to feelings of well being, I feel rethinking the principles behind the causes of disease is in order. Are the people who worry about becoming ill more likely than those who have no concerns to become sick? Physical scientists could do some research on the effect such education may have on health.

As a Christian Scientist, I have witnessed, over and over, that the line of reasoning I follow regarding contagious diseases works to free me, and immunize me (if you will) against falling victim to the common contagions others seem to be experiencing. Or I am able to pray and receive a quick healing when symptoms have sometimes appeared.

Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered Christian Science, wrote in Science and Health, “Keep your minds so filled with Truth and Love that sin, disease, and death cannot enter them. It is plain that nothing can be added to a mind already full.” As a teenager at a summer camp I was able to prove that mosquito bites did not have to result in itchy bumps and rashes. Although I was subject to as many stings as everyone else, not one lump or rash ever appeared. I hadn’t been taught to fear those effects. Instead I had been taught to reject the thought of ill effects. And I experienced freedom from the usual childhood illnesses, as did my own children, in spite of the contagions being suggested and feared.

Was this merely the power of positive thinking? No, although a positive expectancy contributes to one’s resistance to disease. The principles I applied were based on scientific evidence that prayer, based on a clear understanding that God has not created disease but has given us dominion over such events, effectively heals those effects.

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  1. diana says

    Glad to hear about negating the effects of mosquito bites. Something a lot of us fear. Thanks!

  2. Judy says

    Thank you Evelyn – I was working with my SS class just this past Sunday with that quote from Mrs. Eddy. It is wonderful to see the effect of keeping our minds filled with good thoughts…it really makes such a difference in our experience.

  3. Pamela says

    Thanks Evelyn, you are so correct. And thank you too for sharing your healing of mosquito bites. The problem in our society is that we are taught to fear things like that. I was taught in school about germs and diseases also, but because of my Sunday School teaching I was able to never fear them.

    I had a healing of that one summer when we took the family to Yosemite for a camping trip. I was never even bitten. I prayed to understand the statement Mrs. Eddys makes in Science and Health where she says, “Understanding the control which Love held over all, Daniel felt safe in the lions’ den, and Paul proved the viper to be harmless. All of God’s creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible.” As I read this statement I realized that if Daniel could feel safe and not come to harm in the midst of hungry lions I could certainly feel safe in the midst of misquitos for they, like the lions, were harmless. I love how the Bible points out that trusting in God’s care keeps us safe.

    Thanks again Evelyn that was a really helpful blog.

  4. Susan says

    I love this idea Evelyn! Thanks so much for sharing these healing thoughts as well as this powerful quote from a great health thinker, Mary Baker Eddy!