Promoting Health – Thoughts from a Bible Scholar

Promoting Health - Thoughts from a Bible Scolar

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A guest post written by Madelon Maupin

There is a Scriptural guideline for how we build church – or spread the healing message of Christ – in the book of Acts 13:4 – 11. It’s the story of Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey and their encounter with two individuals that represent the types of people we may meet in our own healing journey.

First, Paul and Barnabas are ‘sent out by the Holy Spirit.’ (13:4) We too must be imbued with the spiritual inspiration that is alone from God, instead of being guided by human intentions to do good or by opinions about what is right or wrong.

Second, they were led to those who were spiritually receptive, even though they weren’t the type of individuals we would think to seek out. In Paul’s case, it was the Roman proconsul, Sergius Paulus. One wouldn’t think that a Jew would initially be led to him. How similar is this to when we are be led to someone who at first glance may appear an unlikely candidate for this message? The spiritually receptive may not look like us, dress or talk like us. It is what is in their hearts that matters.

Third, we must be prepared, as Paul was, to denounce the opposition that would interfere. In the case of Acts 13, it is a magician/advisor to the Roman official that enjoys his power and status from that relationship. He sees Paul’s preaching of the Word a direct threat and tries to dissuade his advisee, Sergius Paulus, from accepting the Gospel message. Paul thwarts the magician’s efforts to blind the Roman official to this healing message and the magician himself becomes ‘blind’ to those teachings.

What a lesson for us as we consider the modern day ‘Roman proconsuls’ who may be medical personnel, alternative therapy physicians, etc. All God seeks is the receptive heart. Our role is to be ready to share the healing message of Christ Jesus with them.

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  1. Judy says

    What a beautiful reminder and reassurance. Alertness to the receptivity of others – so important…and to be prepared through our own prayers for just the right thing to say..

  2. Evelyn Brookins says

    Can any of us imagine what it was like to be the first ones to share this powerful and new way of thinking and understanding? But no matter how many people are already “believers” each new individual that hears the message IS hearing it for the first time. What a privilege.

  3. Rhonda says

    Just a thought…the medical personnel or alternative tharapy physican might also be the spiritually receptive one! Like Madelon said…it may be “someone who at first glance appear an unlikely canidate…” (=

  4. Pamela says

    Thanks Madelon, being willing to share the healing Christ message is a difficult step to take sometimes. We hesitate because we don’t always know if someone is receptive. But like Paul as we pray, we will be led to the receptive thought and if we are prepared, as Paul was, we shall be ready to help the seeker for truth.