The Path Less Traveled

The Path Less Traveled

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A guest post written by Susan Berry

One of my favorite poems by Robert Frost is “The Road Not Taken.” Frost ends the poem:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”


My choice to rely on Christian Science for my health care needs has “made all the difference” with a lifetime of healings.

Three generations of my family members have relied on this spiritual, practical system of health care. My dad was not a Christian Scientist, so he and Mom had an agreement that she would get the first opportunity to take care of any problems that came up. Then, if Dad felt things weren’t progressing quickly enough, he would then take us to see a doctor. Well, Dad witnessed many healings during all those years and saw that he could trust our wellbeing to Christian Science.

One of my grade school memories stands out as an example of the difference between our family’s choice of health care, and the traditional medical path chosen by our neighbors. In rainy weather the kids next door were only allowed outside if they were totally covered, head to toe, in rain gear and did not get wet. Their parents feared that if they got wet they would automatically catch colds. By contrast, my brothers and I were always running through puddles and riding our bikes in the pouring rain, without any rain gear, becoming thoroughly soaked in the process. Mom’s only rule was to leave all our wet stuff in the laundry room in exchange for towels and dry clothes. It was great fun and brought no penalties!

During my college years, I realized that the only path to health and wellness I wanted to travel was the proven system of Christian Science in which I had been raised. One of the thoughts that I prayed with in those years, and still turn to, is from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy: “Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously.” And a favorite from the Bible: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:5,6)

By the time I graduated from college, I had experienced many healings from challenges such as ill health, injuries, wounds from recluse spider bites, protection from an impending car crash, relationship problems, etc.

We all tend to go with what has worked successfully in our experience. This healing system works for my family and for me and is available to everyone.

This chosen path “has made all the difference.”

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  1. says

    Thank you for this! I also grew up in Christian Science, and we had a dear family friend, who happened to also be a GP Doctor. When we needed something, not covered by our Christian Scienc Exemption forms, like an “OK ” from a physician to play a sport, in school, or become part of the cheering squad, then he was the one we called for verification that we could do it! Through the years, he had the opportunity to witness many healings, like measles, and other things which needed a “Doctors note” stating that we were fine to be in school, or during the ’60’s when I got married, we needed a “blood test”, (no longer required, thank heavens) so we could get married, he was the one we called! Years later he told me that it was remarkable that with 7 kids in a family, there was no major health issue, nor minor ones for that matter, either! He also said and with some 28 arms and legs, only one broken one, which was healed in an unbelievably short period of time!
    It wasa great way to grow up, and raise a family! We did have our own “health care” and there was no waiting room or time to access our healing with God! Thank’s for the memory!

  2. Judy says

    There are many of us who could write similar accounts. Thank you for sharing yours… Our family too has been so blessed by the care of our great physician – God. Two active boys, involved in a variety of sports…never a broken bone, sprain or strain. And very quick healings when a motor scooter and its rider met with the pavement, a large log fell onto the face of our young son dislodging front teeth, and protection when physically attacked. The shield of God was always with them.

  3. Pamela says

    Thanks Susan for sharing your experience growing up. Like you and Diana, who just commented above me, I too grew up with Christian Science being practiced in our home.

    I remember clearly in the winter time how my brother and I rode our bikes to school with the chilly wind in our faces. My friends parents made them wear heavy coats, gloves, scarfs and hats, etc. I merely wore my wool skirt and sweater with my oxfords and bobby socks and never cought cold where they were always getting colds and wondering why when they were bundled up.

    Mom never made us wear coats unless we felt we needed one and when it was really cold I would wear a warm jacket over my sweater. But I didn’t wear it because I thought I would catch a cold. That was never my motive. Christian Scientists don’t ignore common sense thinking but they also don’t let the world beliefs of weather, etc., dictate their actions. I was taught to always act in accordance with the law or God, not the so-called laws of matter. And in doing so I have had a healthy life as have my own children. Standing porter at the door of our thinking is, I believe, really key to healthy living.

  4. Tracy says

    Excellent article, thank you! I love that the author’s parents found a loving and reasonable way to respect how each one viewed health. It seems like it blessed everyone.

    I, too, was raised in a home where there was no fear of contagion or colds. I feel so blessed that my parents gave me the gift of Christian Science growing up, so that as an adult, I don’t buy in to all the fear that my friends feel about contagion with flu and colds.

    Thanks Susan. :)

  5. Sharon says

    Susan – Thank you so much for your article. I agree with everything you said. I will be forever grateful for my mom’s healing through Christian Science treatment and for my dad’s willingness to allow my four brothers and sisters to be raised in Christian Science and attend the Christian Science Sunday School. Christian Science is the pearl of great price. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Much love!