Good News Rules in 2013

Good News Rules in 2013

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A guest post written by Katie S. Brown who lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana and writes regularly about spirituality and health. She is also a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, and the media and legislative liaison for Christian Science in Indiana.

Sitting around our friends’ dining room table on New Year’s night, I found that not all of my friends are reading or watching the news these days. I am, but the reasons some aren’t are based on the way our nation is going ranging from politics to fear of the economic and social future for our country, our children, and our grandchildren.

The conversation shifted to talk about the movie Lincoln and how President Abraham Lincoln worked with cabinet members and congressmen to get the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution passed. Running of our government today and then were discussed with varying opinions.

As old friends welcomed in the New Year, love between us was optimal, but hope for our future was questionable.  We were wondering what are the prospects for 2013? Where is the good news?

Most of us are church going people and have deep religious convictions as to the part God plays in our lives.  As differing theological views were discussed,  I quietly thanked God for all the good that happened in 2012 and prayed for more of God’s goodness for mankind to be evidenced in 2013.

When I sat down at breakfast this morning to read the weekly print edition of The Christian Science Monitor the cover struck me right away…. in numbers…2012 with “Looking Back, Looking Up” in the zero. Editor John Yemma’s upfront “The reason for our hope” confirmed my conviction in God’s goodness starting with, “There’s much more good news than bad news. But bad news travels fast and commands attention. Good news is like water carving a valley or a tree gradually extending its branches. Good news is a child learning a little more each day or a business quietly prospering. We hardly notice it.”

Yemma concluded with “Bad news will make the headlines in 2013. Good news will still rule.”

That is how I will conclude today’s blog…Good news rules!

Please share your good news.

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  1. Tracy says

    This article makes the great point that just because most of what we hear in the media is bad news, it’s not an accurate representation of reality. I think it’s a great reminder that good news is constantly happening and we can all seek it out when we watch or read the news. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Rhonda says

    Great reminder to look for the good news and give thanks for it. To me that means acknowledging God who is the source of all good,,,and when we acknowledge God we see more of His presence, His good in our lives. (=