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A guest post written by Diana Colarossi

Is Thanksgiving, a day, a holiday, or a state of mind? Does it matter if we celebrate Thanksgiving among friends, family, or alone?

Thanksgiving isn’t a day. It’s a state of mind giving gratitude to God. Thanks to God shouldn’t be confined to one special day of the year. Nor is it a time that must be spent with people, for joy can also be found in the quiet solitude of God’s presence.

Gratitude isn’t for what we had or have in human things, but to and for the provider of these things, God. God, in the goodness of His love, provides spiritually every idea, and the fruition of it. Therefore, while we are being grateful for the appearance of good in our lives, and this is important, the real denominator is the presence of God. Because God’s presence is universal, we can all be grateful.

Today, and everyday, let every heart unify in gratitude for not only everything we see here on earth that is good, waves in the ocean, blue sky and sun, for smiles from vibrant flowers, glorious creatures of God, for the very basic love of existence, and every perfect thought, but also for the cause and source of this goodness, God. Mary Baker Eddy, a nineteenth century Bible scholar, states these memorable words, “Gratitude and love should abide in every heart each day of all the years.”

This Thanksgiving isn’t a day; it’s a thankful heart, which is full every moment. Come let’s celebrate a day of thanks for His presence!

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    Diana, this is profound and the best Thanksgiving message I’ve seen. What a potent reminder of what it’s all about. Thank you. I’m sharing this far and wide.